Corteva's Reklemel™ offers a sustainable solution against plant-parasitic nematodes, enhancing global food security.
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Corteva’s Reklemel: Fighting Against Nematodes

Plant-parasitic nematodes, minuscule soil-dwelling organisms that feast on plant roots, pose a formidable challenge to the global agricultural sector. Their stealthy nature makes them tricky adversaries for farmers to detect and manage. They wreak considerable damage, running up a bill of around $80 billion annually. Such statistics underscore their threat to worldwide food security.

Corteva Inc. (NYSE: CTVA), a prominent player in the agriscience sector, has pioneered Reklemel™ active to counteract this growing menace. This new nematicide is designed to shield an array of food and row crops from the detrimental effects of these nematodes without upsetting the equilibrium of helpful soil organisms.

Robert King, the Executive Vice President of Crop Protection Business at Corteva Agriscience, emphasized the significance of innovation in the agricultural landscape. He noted, “Reklemel exemplifies Corteva’s commitment to harnessing innovative solutions, assisting farmers in their quest to nourish our expanding global population.”

In a promising turn of events, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conferred a Reduced Risk tag on Reklemel. This accolade recognizes the nematicide’s ability to hone in on plant-parasitic nematodes, its conservative usage rates compared to its predecessors, and its commendable environmental and toxicological track record. Furthermore, Reklemel stands out as one of the initial active ingredients to be ratified under the EPA’s revamped policy, which integrates Endangered Species Act evaluations into the pesticide authorization process.

This innovative nematicide has also clinched the National Association of Manufacturers’ Sustainability and the Circular Economy Award. By facilitating reduced usage rates, Reklemel has the potential to curtail CO2 equivalent emissions by an impressive 500M Kg over an upcoming five-year period. Farmers across the United States, India, and Mexico can anticipate the launch of Salibro™ nematicide, powered by Reklemel™ active, by the end of 2023. It has already made its mark in Canada and Australia. Corteva also aspires to secure regulatory nods in the European Union and other global markets. Corteva’s launch of Reklemel is a testament to its unwavering dedication to bolstering food security globally. In 2022 alone, the agriscience behemoth unveiled over 180 novel crop protection products and championed nine fresh active ingredients through its R&D pipeline.

Reklemel active offers farmers flexibility in its application – it can be utilized pre-plant, at-plant, or in-crop. It caters to an expansive range of crops, from fruiting vegetables to small fruits and berries. When integrated into a holistic Integrated Pest Management strategy, Reklemel Active can augment yield potential, mitigate the repercussions of nematode-induced damage, lower environmental footprints compared to other nematicides, and preserve essential soil organisms. Reklemel’s registration under the EPA’s revised policy entails rigorous evaluations of potential implications on listed species and their habitats. This approach reflects a balanced consideration for both agricultural advancement and environmental stewardship.

Corteva is a global agricultural powerhouse dedicated to crafting innovative solutions to pressing agricultural challenges. With a robust portfolio encompassing seeds, crop protection, and digital products, Corteva aspires to create a sustainable future for producers and consumers. 

Image provided by Corteva Inc.

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