CubicFarm's HydroGreen and J&D Wilson partner to revolutionize sustainable livestock feed production in California
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CubicFarm’s HydroGreen and J&D Wilson Partner

CubicFarm Systems Corp., a prominent local chain agricultural technology company, has made an important announcement regarding its subsidiary, HydroGreen Inc. The company revealed that HydroGreen has signed a Memorandum of Terms (MOT) with J&D Wilson, a dairy and beef farming operation based in Riverdale, California. This collaboration marks a significant milestone towards finalizing a consulting agreement and purchase agreement between the two parties.

As per the terms of the MOT, HydroGreen will provide J&D Wilson with 24 tons of HydroGreen “As Fed” Feed (Feed) daily. This project serves a dual purpose: validating HydroGreen’s product in the field and expanding sales to other dairy and beef farmers in the region. Additionally, the collaboration aims to showcase the viability of HydroGreen’s innovative Feed-as-a-Service (FaaS) business model and facilitate the rapid adoption of its products.

John de Jonge, the Interim CEO and President of HydroGreen expressed his excitement about the strategic partnership with J&D Wilson, stating, “This collaboration will enable us to showcase the outstanding capabilities of our Automated Vertical Pastures and the positive impact they can have on livestock feed production. We believe this project will serve as a compelling testament to the effectiveness and sustainability of our solutions while opening doors to future partnerships within the agricultural industry.”

To support this collaboration, HydroGreen plans to establish a facility in Riverdale, California, which will be equipped with an initial phase of 10 HydroGreen GLS 808 machines. Each GLS 808 machine can provide up to 34 tons of feed per day, amounting to approximately 12,000 tons of feed annually per building. One of the advantages of HydroGreen’s technology is its ability to enable daily harvesting, surpassing the traditional farming methods that typically achieve only two harvests per year.

Jim Wilson, the owner of J&D Wilson, expressed his enthusiasm for the groundbreaking endeavor, saying, “The FaaS model enables us to count on consistent, highly digestible livestock feed every day, so we can continue to ensure the highest standards of animal nutrition and welfare at our farm.”

This partnership between HydroGreen and J&D Wilson signifies a significant advancement in the agricultural industry. By harnessing the power of HydroGreen’s Automated Vertical Pastures and the Feed-as-a-Service business model, the collaboration aims to revolutionize livestock feed production and contribute to the sustainability of farming practices. Through this project, HydroGreen hopes to not only prove the effectiveness of its solutions but also pave the way for future partnerships and widespread adoption within the agricultural sector.

Image provided by HydroGreen Inc.

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