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HydroGreen Latest News: Golden Rule Dairy Expands Use

Golden Rule Dairy in Arizona has ordered two additional HydroGreen DGS 66 machines from CubicFarms to enhance sustainable feed production

In the evolving dairy farming landscape, the partnership between CubicFarm Systems Corp. and Golden Rule Dairy has emerged as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. By integrating two additional HydroGreen DGS 66 machines into its dairy operation, Golden Rule Dairy fortifies its commitment to cutting-edge agricultural technology and sustainable farming practices.

The HydroGreen technology, pioneered by CubicFarms, signifies a transformative approach to livestock feed production. With the initial commissioning of the DGS 66 machine in July 2023, Golden Rule Dairy embarked on a journey toward optimizing the nutritional intake of its Jersey cows while embracing environmental stewardship. The additional order of two machines is not just a business move; it is a testament to the efficacy and benefits that HydroGreen has to offer.

Optimizing Nutrition and Costs

Justin Strite, Manager and Production Supervisor at Golden Rule Dairy, has shared the operational success and economic benefits of integrating HydroGreen’s DGS systems. The shift to growing high-quality barley on-site has not only addressed the challenge of limited land but also resulted in a substantial reduction in feed costs. Achieving a 33% savings within a few months, HydroGreen’s systems have proven their worth in both farm efficiency and economic viability.

Revolutionizing Dairy Feed Production

The advanced HydroGreen technology ensures that Golden Rule Dairy maintains a stable and superior feed source throughout the year. By enabling daily harvesting, the dairy farm can achieve up to 365 harvests annually, a stark contrast to the two harvests typical in traditional farming. Such frequent harvesting not only boosts feed quality but also promotes better herd health and productivity.

Sustainability at the Forefront

John de Jonge, Interim CEO and President of HydroGreen highlights the sustainability angle of the technology. The Strite family’s dedication to their herd’s well-being and their progressive approach to adopting HydroGreen’s solutions demonstrate the systems’ potential to significantly reduce enteric methane emissions in livestock. Consequently, this enhances the farm’s productivity and contributes to the generation of farm-based carbon credits, marking a step forward in environmental responsibility.

The Future of Farming

As an industry leader, HydroGreen’s Automated Vertical Pastures™ represents a new chapter in innovative farming equipment. The simple and easy-to-operate systems execute all growing functions automatically, including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, and re-seeding. Such innovation allows livestock businesses to provide consistent nutrition daily with minimal labor, aligning with the modern needs of efficiency and consistency.

Local Chain Agricultural Technology

CubicFarms stands as a catalyst for change in the agricultural sector, committed to developing technologies that support a localized food supply. Their solutions not only empower growers to produce predictable, high-quality produce but also reflect a dedication to benefiting people, the planet, and the economy. The expansion of HydroGreen technology at Golden Rule Dairy encapsulates the essence of CubicFarms’ mission to feed a changing world.

The enduring partnership and expansion of HydroGreen’s technology at Golden Rule Dairy signal a paradigm shift in the dairy industry. It showcases the potential of local chain agricultural technology to revolutionize farming practices, enhance sustainability, and pave the way for a future where productivity and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

CubicFarm Expands HydroGreen Feed Hub Network to Visalia, California (2023/11/03)

CubicFarm® Systems Corp. has expanded its HydroGreen California Regional Feed Hubs to include a new facility in Visalia, California, to promote sustainable feed solutions for the dairy and beef industries. The Visalia location complements the existing Riverdale facility and features a twin-building setup accommodating 20 HydroGreen machines with a daily production capacity of 64 tons of feed. The company’s Feed-as-a-service (FaaS) business model is gaining traction in product adoption, and the initiative is a deliberate step in the evolution of its core strategy to build a recurring revenue division by developing regional Feed Hubs in California.

HydroGreen Seals Deal with Redmond Heritage Farms (2023/11/01)

CubicFarm® Systems Corp. collaborates with Redmond Heritage Farms to sell one HydroGreen GLS 808 machine. The machine ensures consistent production of fresh fodder all year round. Redmond Heritage Farms, a prominent raw milk supplier in Utah, sees numerous advantages in this partnership. HydroGreen’s President, John de Jonge, is exhilarated about the venture, emphasizing the benefits of the HydroGreen solution, including a surge in milk production, fortified regional food security, and a reduced environmental footprint. This transaction accentuates HydroGreen’s staunch allegiance to sustainability and innovation.

HydroGreen’s Revolutionary Feed Solution Takes Center Stage (2023/08/25)

CubicFarm Systems Corp. is revolutionizing dairy farming by introducing HydroGreen’s state-of-the-art machines that reshape livestock feed production. Recently, HydroGreen closed a sale with Cirio Agricola, one of Italy’s top milk producers. Six GLS machines will be incorporated into Cirio Agricola’s operations, generating over 34,000 pounds of feed per day. The technology offers year-round nutrient-rich livestock feed cultivation without being limited by seasonality or external climate factors. The partnership showcases how established industry players embrace novel technologies to fortify their operations, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to global food security.

HydroGreen Inc. Signs Deal with Van Der Kooi Dairy (2023/08/04)

CubicFarm Systems Corp.’s subsidiary, HydroGreen Inc. has collaborated with Van Der Kooi Dairy to purchase 10,000 tons of sprouted-grain feed per year from HydroGreen’s Riverdale feed facility. This validates HydroGreen’s technology and business model, which guarantees optimal feed production stringent quality control, and ultimately leads to enhanced animal performance outcomes for producers. The collaboration has the potential to revolutionize the way livestock feed is produced and consumed, promoting sustainable practices and positively impacting livestock production and the environment.

HydroGreen Commissions Modules at Golden Rule Dairy (2023/07/14)

HydroGreen, a subsidiary of CubicFarm Systems Corp., has installed a HydroGreen DGS 66 machine at Golden Rule Dairy in Arizona. This technology will provide high-quality feed for the dairy’s herd and enhance their performance, resulting in healthier cows. The HydroGreen machine cultivates nutritious forage in a controlled environment, providing a consistent feed source while optimizing water usage and decreasing dependence on external feed sources. The technology allows for daily harvesting, achieving up to 365 harvests a year.

CubicFarm’s HydroGreen and J&D Wilson Partner (2023/06/28)

CubicFarm Systems Corp.’s subsidiary, HydroGreen Inc., signed a Memorandum of Terms (MOT) with J&D Wilson, a farming operation in California. HydroGreen will provide J&D Wilson with 24 tons of HydroGreen “As Fed” Feed daily, showcasing the effectiveness of its Feed-as-a-Service (FaaS) business model and the viability of its products. HydroGreen plans to establish a facility in Riverdale, California, equipped with 10 HydroGreen machines to support the collaboration. The partnership aims to revolutionize livestock feed production and contribute to the sustainability of farming practices.

Photo by Pascal van de Vendel on Unsplash

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