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Cultivatd and Seasony Forge Strategic Partnership

Seasony, a Danish mobile robotics company, has announced a technology partnership with iFarm, a leading global provider of vertical farming systems.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Strategic Partnership: Cultivatd and Seasony team up to improve indoor farming through robotics and data analytics.
  2. Sustainability Focus: Both companies aim to address challenges in resource management and yield optimization.
  3. Innovative Tech: Access to Seasony’s Watney platform allows for streamlined operations and optimized yields.
  4. Flexible Automation: Seasony offers an alternative to costly conventional automation systems for repetitive tasks.

In a significant move aimed at transforming the landscape of indoor agriculture, Cultivatd, a frontrunner in indoor farming solutions, has announced a strategic alliance with Seasony, a trailblazing platform specializing in robotics automation and monitoring for vertical farms. This collaboration is set to empower growers by enhancing the profitability and scalability of their operations through cutting-edge mobile robotics and data analytics.

A Shared Vision for Sustainable Agriculture

Both Cultivatd and Seasony are united in their commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Their partnership aims to address the unique challenges that indoor farmers face globally, from resource management to yield optimization.

Leveraging Modular Automation

The partnership grants Cultivatd access to Seasony’s Watney modular automation platform, a game-changing technology designed to streamline farm operations. This platform enables growers to maximize yields, optimize resource usage, and achieve efficiency goals with unprecedented precision and confidence.

Expert Opinions

Eric Levesque, CEO of Cultivatd, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “By joining forces with Seasony, Cultivatd offers growers operational efficiency with a unified platform and robust equipment. Our combined strengths will enable growers to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture while promoting sustainable practices and higher yields.”

On the other side, Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony, highlighted the innovative aspect of the partnership. “It’s a new wave in vertical farm automation,” he said. “Seasony is creating a flexible automation alternative to support repetitive and dangerous human tasks without investing in costly conventional automation solutions.”

Implications for the Future of Indoor Farming

The partnership between Cultivatd and Seasony is poised to set a new standard in indoor farming. By integrating mobile robotics automation and robust data capture and analytics, the alliance offers a comprehensive solution for modern growers. This collaboration promises to improve operational efficiencies and contribute to the broader goals of sustainable and responsible agriculture.

As the demand for locally sourced, sustainable produce continues to rise, this strategic partnership could be a game-changer in how indoor farms operate and scale. It represents a significant step in making indoor farming more sustainable, efficient, and profitable.

This partnership signals an era of innovation and growth for indoor farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture technology sector, offering new avenues for achieving sustainability and efficiency in farming practices.

Image provided by Seasony

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