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DENSO Acquires Certhon Group

DENSO Acquires Certhon Group

In a groundbreaking move, DENSO Corporation has announced the acquisition of the full stake in Certhon Group, a Dutch horticultural facility operator renowned for its advanced technologies. This acquisition aims to accelerate the global expansion of DENSO’s agricultural production business, addressing the urgent challenges of climate change, labor shortages, and the need for sustainable farming practices.

A Partnership for the Future of Farming

The collaboration between DENSO and Certhon began in March 2020 with a capital alliance, followed by the joint establishment of DENSO AgriTech Solutions, Inc. in May of the same year. Together, they have been at the forefront of developing and selling agricultural greenhouses tailored to regional needs and finding solutions to future labor shortages.

Now, with DENSO’s acquisition of all shares of Certhon, the partnership is set to reach new heights, leveraging the combined strengths of both companies to solve global food challenges.

Certhon’s Legacy of Innovation

With a history spanning over 125 years, Certhon is a leader in horticulture, known for its world-class technologies. The company’s expertise lies in developing tailored solutions and integrating multiple systems to make optimal proposals. As a member of the DENSO Group, the company aims to develop innovative farm models that will revolutionize agriculture by combining DENSO’s process design and automation technologies with Certhon’s cultivation and horticultural system technologies.

A Vision for Food Safety and Security

Hidehiro Yokoo, Senior Executive Officer at DENSO, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Through the complete acquisition of Certhon, we will accelerate our efforts to solve global food and agricultural challenges. We firmly believe that Certhon is a unique partner with shared values and complementary technologies, and together we will continue to grow.”

Lotte van Rijn, General Director of Certhon, echoed this sentiment, highlighting DENSO’s international network and reputation for cutting-edge technology. She emphasized that DENSO’s investment ensures continuity and provides opportunities essential for Certhon’s ongoing innovation.

A Commitment to Sustainability

DENSO and Certhon’s collaboration aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting a commitment to resolving social issues through business operations. The partnership aims to establish a food value chain business encompassing production, distribution, and consumption, providing new value in the agricultural and food sectors.

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