Eden Green Tech and PathoSans partner to revolutionize indoor agriculture, prioritizing safety, sustainability, and self-sufficiency.
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Eden Green Technology’s Innovative Partnership with PathoSans

Innovative solutions are vital to ensuring a sustainable and secure food supply in a world challenged by a growing population and environmental concerns. Eden Green Technology and PathoSans, two trailblazing companies in their respective fields, have united in a partnership that exemplifies how technology and collaboration can revolutionize indoor agriculture and promote food safety, self-sufficiency, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Eden Green Technology is a hub of innovation in the agriculture industry, driven by a mission to provide fresh, locally sourced food that ensures global food security. The company’s groundbreaking approach involves the creation of “Greenhouse-as-a-Service” (GaaS) solutions, wherein they design, engineer, and manufacture vertical greenhouses. These state-of-the-art structures enable the efficient growth of substantial fresh produce, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional farming practices.

A critical factor in Eden Green’s success is its ability to cultivate crops irrespective of location and climate. This revolutionary approach addresses food deserts, allowing food production to occur at the point of consumption. This slashes the carbon footprint associated with transporting produce over long distances and contributes to reducing food waste and water consumption.

PathoSans, on the other hand, has established itself as a disruptor in the realm of cleaning and disinfecting solutions. Their electrochemical-activation technology produces sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid, powerful cleaning and disinfectant agents, using only salt, water, and electricity. This innovative approach eliminates the need for harmful chemical additives and reduces reliance on traditional supply chains.

The partnership between Eden Green Technology and PathoSans is a shared value synergy focused on driving positive change. The collaboration spans several crucial aspects of modern agriculture and sustainability:

  • Safety: Eden Green’s commitment to food safety aligns seamlessly with PathoSans’ eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These solutions lack fragrances linked to health issues and can be used safely on food and in food preparation areas. The disinfectant component eliminates harmful pathogens and molds, ensuring the safety of both employees and consumers.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Both companies advocate for self-sufficient solutions. Eden Green’s versatile greenhouses can be established anywhere, ensuring food production isn’t constrained by geography or climate. PathoSans’ on-site generation system contributes to this self-sufficiency by producing cleaning and disinfecting agents without relying on external supply chains.
  • Sustainability: Eden Green’s technology significantly reduces water consumption and food waste compared to traditional agriculture. By integrating PathoSans’ solutions, the partnership takes a step further in minimizing environmental impact. The cleaning solutions, generated on-site, reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions associated with transportation while leaving no chemical residue behind.
  • Social Responsibility: Through their collaboration, Eden Green and PathoSans uphold a cradle-to-cradle approach to food production. The entire lifecycle of food is transparent, ensuring accountability and responsible practices throughout the process.

The partnership between Eden Green Technology and PathoSans sets a remarkable precedent for the future of sustainable agriculture. As the world grapples with population growth and climate change challenges, such collaborations become pivotal in reshaping industries and securing a more resilient future.

Aaron Fields, Director of Horticulture at Eden Green Technology, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: “Not only will PathoSans products keep our production safe and clean, but they will be paramount to the success of our Food Safety program of the future.”

Together, these two pioneering companies demonstrate that technology-driven innovation, when grounded in values of safety, sustainability, and social responsibility, can yield solutions beyond business success — they contribute to a healthier planet and a more secure food supply for all.

Image provided by Eden Green Technology

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