Edible Garden's new gourmet sauces are now available at all Morton Williams supermarket locations in New York City.
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Edible Garden’s Gourmet Sauces Launch in Morton Williams

Edible Garden AG Inc. (Nasdaq: EDBL, EDBLW), a frontrunner in the controlled environment agriculture sector, renowned for its locally sourced, organic, and sustainable produce, today announced an exciting venture. The much-revered Morton Williams Supermarkets will now feature Edible Garden’s newly launched Pulp sustainable gourmet sauces across all its 16 outlets within the New York Metropolitan area.

Speaking on the occasion, Jim Kras, the Chief Executive Officer of Edible Garden, expressed, “It’s an immense pleasure to partner with Morton Williams Supermarkets, a move that marks our first significant venture into the dynamic and influential New York City market. With Morton Williams’ customer base displaying a keen interest in delectable, sustainable, and organic fermented products, our Pulp range, aptly described by the tagline’ Bland to Bold’, finds an apt retail collaborator.”

He further emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration by adding, “This venture allows us a pioneering edge in a fresh product segment. We aim to swiftly and economically expand the business, leveraging our existing retail ties to introduce high-margin products boasting extended shelf life. We anticipate an upswing in efficiency and a decreased carbon footprint by harnessing pre-existing distribution avenues and transportation pathways. A key highlight of our product is its alignment with our Zero-Waste Inspired® vision, ensuring comprehensive use of every part of the pepper.”

Retail and consumer reactions have been overwhelmingly affirmative, hinting at a promising future for such products. “We remain optimistic about forming similar beneficial associations in the forthcoming period,”  Kras concluded.

Edible Garden AG Incorporated stands tall as a vanguard in controlled environment agriculture, championing local, organic, and sustainable produce underpinned by the Zero-Waste Inspired® contemporary farming ethos. With its products gracing over 4,000 stores across the US, Edible Garden is revolutionizing the CEA and sustainable technology landscapes. The firm’s pioneering efforts span safety-in-farming protocols, sustainable packaging solutions, the innovative GreenThumb software, and the unique self-watering in-store displays.

Operating from its advanced greenhouses and processing hubs in Belvidere, New Jersey, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Company collaborates with a network of contract growers positioned close to significant US markets. Its groundbreaking GreenThumb 2.0 software promises optimized cultivation in vertical and traditional greenhouses while minimizing food miles and resulting pollution.

Edible Garden also houses ingredients and proteins in its diverse product portfolio, rolling out an affordable range of plant and whey protein powders under the banners Vitamin Way® and Vitamin Whey®. Moreover, it boasts a range of sustainable food flavoring items, including the celebrated Pulp gourmet sauces and chili-based concoctions.

Image provided by Edible Garden

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