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Edible Garden’s Heartland Facility Ahead Of Schedule

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An update on the construction of Edible Garden’s Heartland greenhouse facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is provided. In January 2023, the plant is anticipated to achieve USDA Organic and FDA food safety certifications. Phase two of the project will see the company erect cutting-edge seeding equipment and set up its hybrid vertical grow system within the building.

Edible Garden (NASDAQ:EDBL) provided an update on the buildout of its Heartland greenhouse facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company announced in September the completion of the acquisition of a five-acre greenhouse facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which will be operated as Edible Garden Heartland, the facility is expected to support up to USD 20M in annualized revenue when fully operational.

Commenting on the update, Jim Kras, CEO stated “The Edible Garden Heartland greenhouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has had its initial buildout finished earlier than expected. In the facility, the company will implement our hybrid vertical grow system together with cutting-edge seeding equipment. The goal of Phase 2 of the buildout, which is anticipated to start in January 2023, is to boost production capacity and boost gross profit margins. An established, heritage flower company came with the building when we bought it. In preparation for the Christmas season, we recently started distributing poinsettias from Edible Garden Heartland, adding a fresh, supplementary cash source for the company. We are a firm entrenched in horticultural history, at the forefront of science and innovation, as demonstrated by our patented, cutting-edge technologies and processes. Edible Garden is not just another CEA company. Most importantly, this facility helps us carry out our aim of supplying Midwest distribution partners and beyond with Zero-Waste Inspired®, Simply Local, Simply Fresh® food and goods.”

In addition to serving customers in the Midwest, the facility will house the Company’s state-of-the-art research and development center, focused on improving existing products, developing new products, innovations in plant-based protein and nutraceuticals, as well as applying advanced agricultural technologies. It will also be home to the first commercial installation of Edible Garden’s proprietary hybrid vertical growing system.

Image provided by Edible Garden Ag Incorporated


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