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Farmers Business Network Opens Latest Fulfillment Center in Canada

Farmers Business Network (FBN®) has opened a 198,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Saskatoon, Canada. This new facility will process orders for growers across Saskatchewan and Canada, providing customers faster delivery and increased reliability. It is the primary hub in FBN’s Western Canada logistics network and one of the largest in North America.

The facility allows FBN to get closer to its customers, providing them access to the necessary equipment and inputs, regardless of broader market trends. FBN’s leading logistics network and data insights enable the company to understand and proactively address potential supply shortages. As a result, customers can rely on FBN to meet their needs, even in challenging circumstances. “We’re excited better to serve our Canadian members through this cutting-edge facility, helping growers get what they need when they need it,” said Breen Neeser, FBN’s Country Manager for Canada. “Our Saskatoon facility is the primary hub in our Western Canada logistics network and among our largest in North America, empowering timely, reliable, and transparent deliveries that farmers can depend on.”


The Saskatoon facility began processing orders in late November and now serves FBN’s growing customer base of 8,000 Canadian members. FBN’s fulfillment centers are located within 400 kilometers of the vast majority of its Canadian members, enabling the company to provide timely access to equipment and inputs to farmers nationwide. “We are delighted to welcome the Farmers Business Network Canadian logistics hub to Saskatoon,” said Mayor Charlie Clark. “It strengthens our ability to be a major food production epicenter, helping meet the demands of a growing world. This demonstrates industry confidence in our city and our expertise and talent here.”

The new facility has received positive feedback from local officials, with Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark stating that it strengthens the city’s ability to be a significant food production epicenter. The facility’s opening also demonstrates FBN’s commitment to supporting Canadian farmers, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Photo by Evi T. on Unsplash


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