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FBN’s New Frontier in Sustainable Beef Production

FBN launches Profectus Feeds, a beef cattle nutrition system, enhancing feed efficiency and sustainability while boosting profitability.
Key Takeaways:
  • Innovative Feeding System: Profectus Feeds by FBN offers a novel approach to beef cattle feeding to enhance profitability and sustainability.
  • Enhanced Feed Efficiency: Studies showed a 5 to 15% improvement in feed-to-gain ratio and profitability with Profectus compared to traditional diets.
  • Amino Acid Focus: The system prioritizes the amino acid requirement of cattle, determined by energy density, leading to better feed efficiency and reduced digestive problems.
  • Sustainability and Profitability: Profectus addresses challenges such as methane reduction and animal welfare, aligning with future demands while ensuring increased farm profitability.

Farmers Business Network, Inc. (FBN®), a global leader in the AgTech arena, unveiled its game-changing Profectus™ Feeds, a fresh perspective on beef cattle nutrition that promises enhanced sustainability and profitability in beef production.

“Ruminant health translates to every aspect of the animal’s overall health.” This sentiment, echoed by experts in the field, underscores the significance of nutrition in the overall well-being of cattle.

Developed by FBN Livestock’s team of nutritionists and veterinarians, the system refines beef diets by emphasizing the balance of amino acid requirements concerning energy intake. This methodology mirrors the swine industry’s diet formulation strategy, which reduces costs by augmenting feed efficiency. Empirical data and commercial studies have indicated notable improvements with Profectus Feeds – an impressive 5 to 15% enhancement in the feed-to-gain ratio and profitability while maintaining or boosting carcass value.

Dr. Brian Dorcey, the Director of Veterinary Strategy at FBN, expressed his enthusiasm about this launch. “We’re excited to launch Profectus Feeds to create a win-win for producers, as they can decrease feed costs and simultaneously rear higher performing cattle.” Dr. Dorcey highlighted how Profectus Feeds can “consistently unlock the genetic potential in cattle.”

A significant realization underpinning Profectus Feeds is that the protein requirement traditionally ascribed to cattle is a misnomer. Instead, the formulation centers around the amino acid requirement ascertained by the diet’s energy density. This meticulous focus results in superior feed efficiency, diminished digestive issues, and increased environmental sustainability.

“Nutrition is the linchpin of performance, and the outcome of a healthier ruminant invariably is a healthier calf,” remarked Dr. Dorcey.

Profectus Feeds is forging a path in feedlot nutrition by delivering improved feed efficiency, predictable growth trajectories, and enhanced digestive health, all aimed at optimizing profit per head. A recent study involving 335 Angus-Holstein cross calves demonstrated the potential of Profectus Feeds – a reduction in gain costs by 15 cents per pound, amounting to a value increase of $83.52 per head.

Furthermore, Profectus Feeds is poised to address looming challenges in beef production, like reducing methane emissions and bolstering animal welfare, all while amplifying farm profitability and extracting the maximum genetic potential.

Farmers keen on integrating Profectus Feeds into their operations can now access the system, which is commercially available to all FBN members.

About FBN:

Farmers Business Network, Inc. (FBN®) is an avant-garde AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network. FBN’s enduring mission is to champion the prosperity of family farmers globally while carving a path toward a sustainable future. Its commitment, encapsulated in the Farmers First® promise, has drawn over 55,000 members, united by the shared objective of optimizing farm profits through data and tech-enabled solutions. FBN has pioneered a unique blend of Midwestern agricultural expertise and Silicon Valley’s technological prowess. 

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