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Field to Market and FBN Partner to Propel Sustainable Agriculture


Field to Market, Farmers Business Network (FBN®), a worldwide AgTech platform and farmer-to-farmer network, and The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture™ have announced substantial cooperation. To include the sustainability measures of the Fieldprint Platform™ into their program, FBN has joined the ranks of Field to Market’s newest Qualified Data Management Partner (QDMP). Through this partnership, farmers will have a single location to assess their profitability, productivity, and sustainability choices.

This connection is made possible by Field to Market’s Fieldprint API, which connects sustainability indicators and algorithms from the Fieldprint Platform directly into FBN’s software products. Consequently, farmers may compare their management techniques’ environmental performance to regional, state, and federal criteria for the eight sustainability indicators of Field to Market. With a focus on a sustainable future, FBN, a global farmer-to-farmer network, and independent AgTech platform aspire to support the success of family farmers everywhere. By assisting in lowering production costs and raising crop value, they have pledged to redefine value and convenience for farmers.

The platform has drawn billions of bushels to Gradable, FBN’s farmer-facing solution that seamlessly interfaces with commercial buyer grain accounting systems. A premium market, environmentally-scored grain is supported by this system, which not only improves relationships between grain buyers and sellers but also makes environmental transparency entirely possible. We are honored to be recognized as a Qualified Data Management Partner with Field to Market, said Steele Lorenz, Head of Sustainable Business at FBN. FBN anticipates enrolling millions of acres in the next few years, with thousands of producers participating in Field to Market Continuous Improvement Programs, as demand from downstream businesses continues to increase.

This partnership also sees FBN leveraging innovative approaches to using remotely sensed data products for bright inputs and validation. The collaboration between FBN and Field to Market has the potential to transform sustainable agriculture by empowering farmers with actionable insights, fostering environmental transparency, and promoting a thriving market for environmentally-scored grain.

Photo by Chris King on Unsplash 

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