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French AgTech Company Elicit Plant Validates Its Phystosterol-Based Tech

ELICIT PLANT Joins Top 100 Most Strategic French Companies with its Climate Resilient Agri-tech

Elicit Plant’s technology platform uses phytosterols to enhance crop resistance to water stress, which has significant implications for sustainable agriculture. With the growing threat of water scarcity due to climate change, crops’ ability to withstand drought is becoming increasingly important. Elicit Plant’s solution has been validated on a large scale, demonstrating consistent and high performance in global open-field trials. The +12% productivity gains achieved in reducing the impact of water shortage on corn crops are significant for the company and the agricultural industry.

Commenting on the results, Jean-François Déchant, President and co-founder of Elicit Plant, states that the impressive results of the open-field trials, which were conducted on three continents with varying climatic conditions, serve as confirmation of the company’s scientific excellence and capacity to create distinctive products that tackle the challenges of climate change in the agricultural sector. He adds that these results are reassuring for the company’s ambitious international development strategy.


The company’s products have been tested in the field since 2019, allowing Elicit Plant to determine the best application timing, proprietary formulation, weather, and soil conditions to achieve the best results in consistency and yield increases. With a win rate close to 90%, the products have demonstrated their effectiveness in increasing crop productivity while reducing water usage. This success has enabled the company to secure an additional 10 million euros in funding through competitive national and European R&D programs.

The French AgTech company has achieved several milestones in the past year, including a successful Series A financing round, its BEST-a product line for corn crops, market approvals for its product line in Ukraine and Brazil, and a tripling of its workforce. The company’s ambitious roadmap includes plans to strengthen its governance, diversify its product pipeline, and develop its partnership and scientific strategy in North America. With its dedication to sustainable agriculture, Elicit Plant is well-positioned to continue its growth and significantly impact the industry.

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