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Fresh Garden Launches First Fully Automated Vertical Farm in Finland with Netled’s Support

Netled announced the launch of a commercial-scale herb production of its client Tuoretarha Ltd., also known as “Fresh Garden.” Located in Pirkkala, Western Finland, Fresh Garden has established the first fully automated vertical farm in Finland with a production volume of 1.3 million pieces per year.

Starting in March 2023, Fresh Garden will offer seven herb variants, including basil, dill, cilantro, parsley, chive, thyme, and mint, to its clients and consumers. According to consumer research, the most crucial factors in the herb purchase decision are freshness, taste, and abundance. In addition, vertical farming offers a variety of benefits, including increased taste and shelf life, energy and water efficiency, security of supply, and a reduction in food miles. 

“Agricultural productivity can be developed in many ways with technology. For Tuoretarha, Vyrtti brand, and Finnish consumers, Netled’s vertical farming technology is not only a step but a leap towards the green transition”, says Hannu Kottonen, the Chairman of the Board of Tuoretarha Ltd.


Netled, as a turn-key vertical farming project provider, offers technology and all necessary services and support for building a commercially viable vertical farming business. Fresh Garden’s farm is the second commercial-scale vertical farm in the Nordics to utilize Netled’s proprietary Vera® technology. Netled CEO Niko Kivioja is confident in the combination of sustainability and high product quality, as reflected in feedback from its Vera® farm in Sweden.

“Based on the feedback we have received from the Vera® farm in Sweden, we are confident that sustainability and high product quality is the combination consumers are looking for today,” says Niko Kivioja, CEO of Netled. “Facility in Finland is a logical step for Netled in our path in the Nordic market area. Simultaneously, we are building our presence in the US and bringing our expertise overseas”.

In addition to its presence in the Nordic market, Netled is expanding its reach in the US. Fresh herbs and lettuces from its North American demo facility in Calgary, Canada, are available for samples. Later this month, Netled will be exhibiting at the Indoor AgCon trade show and conference in Las Vegas.

Image provided by Netled

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