Global Vertical Farming Show 2023: Innovating Agriculture in the Middle East

Global Vertical Farming Show 2023: Ag Growth

The fourth iteration of the Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF) 2023 is set to take place in Dubai on the 13th and 14th of September. This event, a major rendezvous for industry professionals, is likely to set new industry standards and foster innovation in the ever-expanding vertical farming sector.

Notably, the global vertical farming market is expected to reach an impressive USD 27.42 billion by 2030. This budding sector has seen significant advancements, particularly in the Middle East, with the UAE and Saudi Arabia being prominent players.

Investment in vertical farming has been robust in the UAE, with the government enthusiastically supporting this innovative approach to agriculture. The past years have seen significant developments, including the inauguration of Bustanica in Dubai and the recent establishment of Aerofarm AGX in Abu Dhabi.

The GVF 2023, under the auspices of the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, seeks to propel this momentum further, introducing innovative developments and ushering in transformative changes in the agricultural landscape. The show’s organizers, the TAB group, report that over 60% of premium location slots have been booked already, indicating high industry interest.

According to Mohammad Talha Sarwar, Project Manager of GVF 2023 Dubai, “Vertical farming industry enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to participate in various capacities at the show.” He adds, “We are delighted to have secured the participation of leading players in the vertical farming industry, including FOHSEN Growspec, Al Aliyo Farms, Multivac Middle East, Pure Harvest, Uns Farms, Elite Agro, Bustanica, Elgro, Weber Cooling, Hyphen-Plant, Logitec Plus BV, Grow-tec, Gulf Perlite, Aerofarms and many others.”

Reflecting on the industry’s growth, Mohammad noted the significant progress in the vertical farming market, emphasizing that the developments observed are “nothing short of phenomenal.”

The upcoming event is also being supported by several key associations such as the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, Emirates Development Bank, Arab Authority for Agriculture and Development, and Food Tech Valley, among others.

The two-day show promises to be a productive gathering of industry experts, investors, and solution providers. With networking sessions, conferences, one-on-one business meetings, and knowledge sharing sessions, the event is poised to foster effective collaborations and propel the industry towards new heights.

Registration for the Global Vertical Farming Show Dubai is currently open. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register on the official event website.

Image provided by GVF 2023

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