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Growing The Most Expensive Spice In a Basement

Veggitech Saffron Farm Expensive

Since indoor farming has been shown to be a practical method for growing the pricey crop, the most expensive spice has gained significant momentum in recent months, led by a variety of businesses or people across the world. However, when examining the geographics, we see that the majority of projects are concentrated in the Middle East, driven by businesses in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and, of course, Iran, the origin of saffron. Germany and other nations around the world have other noteworthy initiatives.

Utilizing its technology to provide the ideal atmosphere for the priceless crop, Veggitech, an indoor farming firm based in the United Arab Emirates, recently grew to become one of the largest indoor vertical farms in the area to cultivate saffron. According to reports, the manufacturing cycle takes three months, following which the bulbs are moved into a greenhouse.

Because it was one of the first vertical farming businesses to focus only on the production of saffron, the Israeli company Sativus Tech continues to be a market leader. The business recently made public the findings of an independent lab that allowed for up to four rounds of saffron harvesting per year. Since the initial trialing phases were successful, the business is now aiming to grow outside of Israel by building a number of facilities across the world, which will shortly be disclosed. Along with selling saffron directly, they expanded their product line to include saffron-infused goods in order to fulfill the growing demand and strengthen their position in the market.

Growing Saffron in a basement is also possible as shown in the video below from Natalie Radu. 

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