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Growlink Acquires FloEnvy Bolstering its Smart Agriculture Platform

Growlink, a trailblazer in smart agriculture technology and IoT solutions for the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry announced today its acquisition of FloEnvy, a company specializing in cultivation management software for greenhouses and indoor farms. This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Growlink as it broadens its product and service offerings, enhancing its capacity to maximize crop yields, improve crop quality, and minimize resource waste through innovative technology and data-driven insights.

Known for its advanced controlled environment systems, Growlink will now integrate FloEnvy’s expertise in cultivation workflow optimization and data-driven decision-making, creating a comprehensive smart farming platform tailored to growers of all sizes. 

“Our mission at Growlink is to provide growers with complete control over their facilities and crops from a single system,” said Ted Tanner, CEO of Growlink. “The integration of FloEnvy’s technology adds critical workflow management and data analytics functions to our platform, significantly enhancing our ability to help growers monitor, control, analyze, and predict their crop yields from any location.” 

The acquisition positions Growlink to offer innovative solutions integrating environmental controls, crop management, and workflow optimization tools. This all-encompassing approach to smart agriculture will enable growers to make informed decisions based on real-time data, enhancing crop quality, yield, and resource efficiency – a win-win for growers and the environment. 

Growlink customers will now have access to real-time plant and inventory tracking via integration with Metrc, a premier cannabis seed-to-sale system utilized in over 20 states. This integration will give users insights into the precise environmental variables affecting their harvest performance, simplifying data analysis and reducing post-harvest number crunching. Furthermore, real-time Metrc data will feed into Growlink’s machine-learning system, enabling growers to implement control strategies that increase yields quickly.

Michael Gu, Co-Founder of FloEnvy, will join Growlink as VP of Product & Engineering, spearheading the integration of the two companies software. “I’ve always imagined the potential of merging our cultivation management software with top-notch facilities controls technology. With Growlink, that vision becomes a reality,” said Gu. “This unique approach to smart farming combines environmental controls, workflow automation, and real-time data collection, dramatically improving crop quality, yield, and resource efficiency, which benefits both growers and the environment.”

New features such as Metrc Integration, Plant Batch Tracking, and Harvest Analytics will be available on the Growlink platform this Summer. For more details about Growlink’s development plans, rollout, and future innovations, join Ted Tanner and Michael Gu for a live event on LinkedIn on May 30, 2023.

Image provided by Growlink

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