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Growy Chooses CTPark Amsterdam City for Production & Distribution Centre

Key Takeaways:

  1. Growy has leased 4,750 sqm of space at CTPark Amsterdam City for its full-scale urban farm and international headquarters.
  2. The company specializes in high-tech, AI-driven indoor farms for growing high-quality leafy greens.
  3. CTPark Amsterdam City offers sustainable solutions that align with Growy’s environmentally conscious practices.
  4. The park is strategically located for emission-free logistics and last-mile deliveries.
  5. Growy aims to produce fresh, high-quality, and nutritious produce while minimizing environmental impact.

Growy, an Amsterdam-based vertical farming company, has entered into an agreement with CTP, Europe’s largest listed developer of industrial and logistics properties, to lease 4,750 sqm of warehouse and office space at CTPark Amsterdam City. The space will serve as both a full-scale urban farm for food production and the international headquarters for Growy.

High-Tech, AI-Driven Farming

Growy has developed AI-driven indoor farms that focus on growing high-quality leafy greens. The company already has farms in Singapore and Kuwait and aims to provide healthy, tasty, and affordable food without burdening the environment. The leased space at CTPark Amsterdam City includes 3,578 sqm of warehouse space, 679 sqm of office space, and a 477 sqm mezzanine.

Strategic Location for Sustainable Operations

CTPark Amsterdam City is located in the Western Docklands district of Amsterdam, close to Schiphol Airport. The park is designed to facilitate emission-free logistics and is strategically located for last-mile deliveries to densely populated areas. It offers over 200 charging facilities for electric trucks and other emission-free traffic, making it an ideal choice for Growy’s long-term commercial ambitions.

Emission-Free Distribution

Growy is committed to environmentally conscious practices, including emission-free distribution operations. The park’s proximity to water and road links will enable Growy’s produce to be sustainably transported to Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

A Pioneer in Modern Logistics Solutions

CTPark Amsterdam City is a pioneer in modern last-mile logistics solutions. The complex contains 120,000 sqm of storage and last-mile distribution space spread over several floors. It is self-sufficient in its energy management, with green energy produced on-site by a massive 5.7 MWp solar plant and wind turbines.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

The park is designed to anticipate Amsterdam’s zero-emission zones, which will place increased restrictions on fossil-fueled vehicles from 2025 to improve air quality in the city. This makes it a future-ready solution for companies like Growy focused on sustainability.

Image provided by Growy

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