GrubMarket Expands Fresh Produce Supply to Eastern Europe and Egypt

Fresh Produce Supply Chain

GrubMarket, a global fresh produce importer and exporter, has announced its expansion into the Eastern European countries of Ukraine and Romania and opened a new office in Egypt through its subsidiary Salix Fruits. Salix Fruits operates in 20 countries and serves over 450 business customers in 50 countries worldwide. The company imports and exports apples, lemons, oranges, tangerines, pears, grapes, and other fresh produce. With its expansion into Ukraine and Romania, GrubMarket is positioning itself to address worldwide food shortages and geopolitical disruptions in the global food supply chain. Despite logistics and transportation challenges, GrubMarket supplied a variety of fresh fruits to most regions around Ukraine in 2022, growing the total volume of products supplied by almost 20% over the year.

In addition to expanding its supply of fresh produce, GrubMarket plans to diversify the variety and sourcing of its products in Ukraine and Romania, including adding commodities such as avocados and imports from countries such as Spain. The company is also expanding its operations in Africa by opening a new office in Sadat City, Egypt. This move will primarily source high-demand Egyptian citrus for GrubMarket’s end customers. With the addition of the Egypt office, GrubMarket is now operating in Northern and Southern Africa, with plans to expand further across the continent. Its ongoing expansion and investment in new markets demonstrate the company’s commitment to robust and profitable growth, providing customers access to the freshest and highest-quality food worldwide.

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