Hort Americas Expands in Canada
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Hort Americas Announce Canadian Expansion

Commercial horticultural supplier Hort Americas announced today a new division within the company to bring quality, technically advanced and cost-effective products to commercial greenhouse growers in Canada. Just like its U.S. counterpart, Hort Americas Canada will have a strong focus on providing the best-in-class products, educating growers and continuing to research advancements in controlled environment agriculture. The team will also continue working with vendors to bring locally manufactured products to Canadian growers.

“The greenhouse industry is rapidly evolving and expanding in Canada,” said Jordan Goulet, general manager at Hort Americas Canada. “We understand that established and new generations of growers are looking for reliable and knowledgeable partners to support them with their projects, and that’s what we’re here to help do.”

Goulet and Gabrielle Verdon, client services manager, will oversee operations for the company in Canada. The bilingual team has extensive expertise in all aspects of controlled environment agriculture. The first Hort Americas Canada office will soon open in Montreal. Plans are also underway to add a warehouse.

“We greatly appreciate all the support we received the last 15 years from our Canadian clients,” added Chris Higgins, Hort Americas president and co-founder. “Expanding our operations is a way to make it easier for them to do business with us.” 

Image provided by hortamericas.com 

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