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Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inks Partnership With CEA Advisors

Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inks Partnership With CEA Advisors

Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. (website), a renowned manufacturer and distributor of supplies and equipment for controlled environment agriculture (CEA), has declared a strategic alliance with CEA Advisors. The partnership is exclusive and aims to drive their growth within the burgeoning and dynamic CEA sector, spanning non-food and food production.

CEA Advisors is a globally recognized design and build consultancy within the vertical farming industry. They also manufacture Growracks® and Growtainers®, which are anticipated to benefit from this partnership.

Hydrofarm Holding’s commercial arm, Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE), will act as North America’s manufacturing and marketing center for Growtainers® and Growracks®. IGE’s Sycamore, Illinois, location will offer a synergy of manufacturing, research and development, and warehouse facilities to serve the global market.

Chris Mayer, Senior Vice President and Head of Hydrofarm Commercial, expressed optimism about the strategic collaboration with Glenn Behrman and CEA Advisors. Mayer emphasized the potential of the CEA industry, stating that Hydrofarm’s primary goal is to establish itself as a key global provider of CEA products and services. The partnership will enhance Hydrofarm’s capacity to offer innovative solutions and support to the CEA market.

In response, Glenn Behrman expressed his enthusiasm about collaborating with Hydrofarm, IGE, and Chris Mayer. Behrman emphasized the value of collaboration for success in the current economic environment and reaffirmed their belief in the massive opportunity the CEA industry provides for new farmers across the globe.

Their first joint initiative will focus on designing and distributing an affordable entry-level Growtainer®. This project aims to offer beginners in CEA farming an opportunity to familiarize themselves with this type of production at a minimal initial investment, thereby enabling them to progress to other, more advanced systems in the future.

Image provided by CEA Advisors/Growtainers®

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