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ICA Kvantum Emporia and Swegreen Partner to Offer In-Store Grown Greens in Malmö

ICA Kvantum Emporia in Malmö, Sweden. AgTech News, Agriculture, Indoor Farming

ICA Kvantum Emporia, a leading food retail store in Malmö, Sweden, has partnered with Swegreen (website), a Swedish sustainable farming technology company, to offer hyper-locally grown greens to customers in time for summer 2023. The partnership aims to reduce environmental impacts and provide a more sustainable food supply chain for the store’s customers.

Swegreen will install an in-store farm at ICA Kvantum Emporia, located within the award-winning Emporia shopping center in the Hyllie district of Malmö. This collaboration will enable customers to purchase fresh lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, and spices grown directly in the store. 

The innovative in-store farm technology addresses sustainability concerns within the retail industry, providing customers with locally grown alternatives that minimize transport emissions and negative environmental impacts.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ICA Kvantum Emporia to bring our in-store farming technology to their fantastic store,” says Pierre Mohlin, CEO of Swegreen. “We aim to make sustainable and hyper-locally grown greens accessible in more locations. This partnership is a significant milestone in achieving that mission in South of Sweden and the province of Scania.”

ICA Kvantum Emporia is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental and social responsibility. The store is part of Emporia, one of Europe’s most prestigious shopping centers, which boasts a diverse international atmosphere. 

Johanna Isaksson, ICA Kvantum Emporia’s Store Franchiser, shares her excitement about the collaboration with Swegreen, stating, “We are excited to be working with Swegreen to bring fresh and sustainable greens directly to our customers.”

The installation of the in-store farm is set to begin in the first weeks of May 2023 with a SAGA unit from Swegreen. The unit can produce 3,500 plants per month on-site. As a result, ICA Kvantum Emporia expects to offer customers its first in-store harvest of fresh greens by the end of May.

Image provided by Swegreen

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