Innovate BC’s Ignite Program Calls for Groundbreaking Projects in Natural Resources, Engineering, and Applied Sciences

Innovate BC

Innovate BC, a key player in British Columbia‘s technology sector has opened applications for its Ignite Program. The program offers up to $300,000 in funding to teams of academia and industry experts who are developing transformative solutions in the fields of natural resources, engineering, and applied sciences.

The Ignite program, which backs projects addressing significant challenges faced by British Columbians, has a diverse range of past winners spanning the cleantech, energy, mining, forestry, and agriculture sectors. The initiative is vital in supporting the province’s Stronger BC Economic Plan by providing necessary funding to local businesses and stimulating job creation and economic growth.

Since its inception in 2016, the Innovate BC Ignite program has funded 41 projects for $10.7 million, attracting over $239 million in subsequent investments and awards. The completed projects have generated a commendable $5.4 million in revenue, and the program has created or sustained more than 288 academic and industry jobs.

A notable success story from the Ignite program is a 2020 collaboration between Dr. Katherine Elvira from the University of Victoria and Dr. Stephanie Willerth of Axolotl Biosciences. Their innovative project utilized 3D bioprinting technology to create personalized brain tissue models, fostering new possibilities for drug screening for neurological diseases and studying the impacts of COVID-19 on neural tissue function.

Another groundbreaking project includes a joint effort between Flash Forest and the University of British Columbia, which developed drone technology capable of planting trees at ten times the typical rate. This advancement significantly enhances the reforestation industry’s accuracy, safety, and cost-efficiency. Similarly, Browns Bay Packing Company Ltd. and the University of Northern British Columbia are developing a renewable.

Photo by Jess Barnett on Unsplash 

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