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Innovation Agri-Tech Group Appoints Sales Team

  • Innovation Agri-Tech Group Gears Up for Ascent Phase in Q3 2022, appointing a sales team to take their technologies to the global market

As per their most recent press release, Innovation Agri-Tech Group (‘IAG’), has appointed an experienced sales team ahead of what they named their “Ascent Phase” in Q3 2022. The appointment will help IAG distribute and expand its technology throughout the global market.

“IAG hand-selected the team due to their strong background in accelerating sales, and their strategies to increase a company’s valuation over a short period of time. What’s more, the 12-strong team has high-level technical expertise woven into their DNA. This enables them to seamlessly communicate the detail of IAG’s vertical farming solutions to potential new customers. Coupled with their know-how in helping businesses break into new international markets, the collaboration is perfectly suited to taking IAG’s agricultural advances and challenger business to the countries and climates that will benefit the most.” The company states in their press release.

Jaz Singh, CEO and Founder of IAG, says: “IAG is at the forefront of developing exciting and, importantly, cost-effective ways of producing food where traditional farming methods alone are not able to meet demand. The sales team we’ve appointed will be able to strategically complement our existing team.  As a forethinking business, we’re excited to be moving onto a stage where we can grow not just in the UK, but begin to take our solutions to countries and companies on a global scale – ensuring IAG becomes the most successful version of itself.”

The appointment of the sales team comes at a busy time for the business as they prepare to launch their biggest innovation yet – set to completely revolutionise not only the vertical farming industry, but how we grow produce on a global scale. Alongside the development of the sales team, IAG has recently created an advisory board with experts Professor Tracy Lawson and Dr Chris FouldsDuncan Bannatyne has also this year joined the IAG board as a Non-Executive Director, having been impressed by the technology developed by the team at IAG and how the future of vertical farming is set to revolutionise the way that we grow food on a global scale.

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