Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission Aims Malaysia & Philippines

Irish Agri-Food Trade Mission Aims Malaysia & Philippines

Key Takeaways:

  • Minister Martin Heydon leads a trade mission to Malaysia and the Philippines to diversify Ireland’s agri-food exports.
  • The mission aims to capitalize on the significant growth potential in these Asian markets.
  • Agri-food exports to these countries have seen substantial growth since 2018.
  • The focus is on mutually beneficial trade and sharing expertise in sustainable food systems.

Mission for Market Expansion

Minister of State for New Market Development Martin Heydon T.D, spearheads a pivotal trade mission to Malaysia and the Philippines from November 6th to 10th. This initiative, in collaboration with Bord Bia, Sustainable Food Systems Ireland, Teagasc, and Enterprise Ireland, seeks to expand Ireland’s footprint in the agri-food sector and explore new opportunities in burgeoning Asian markets.

Rising Trade Figures

The mission follows a trajectory of increasing agri-food exports to Malaysia and the Philippines, with sales reaching €241 million in 2022. This marks a significant increase of 24% and 178%, respectively, since the last trade mission to Malaysia in 2018, showcasing the dynamic growth and potential of these markets for Irish producers.

Strategic Focus

Ahead of the mission, Minister Heydon highlighted the strategic importance of both countries. Malaysia’s sophisticated market, particularly in the dairy sector, and the Philippines’ historical ties and growing trade with Ireland present valuable opportunities for Irish agri-food and agri-tech exports. The mission is not only about expanding trade but also about fostering sustainable food systems and sharing Ireland’s expertise in this domain.

Mutual Benefits and Knowledge Sharing

Emphasizing the importance of reciprocal trade relations, Minister Heydon’s agenda includes supporting Irish export sectors and exchanging knowledge on safe and sustainable food practices. The mission will involve discussions with government ministers on market access and other mutual concerns, as well as supporting Irish companies in building relationships with key customers.

Industry Insights and Seminars

The trade mission will feature Bord Bia-led seminars on EU dairy and meat trade, along with an Enterprise Ireland Business Breakfast focusing on agri-tech and innovation solutions from Ireland. These events aim to enhance the profile of the Irish agri-food industry and create new commercial avenues for exporters.

Bord Bia’s Vision

Bord Bia CEO Jim O’Toole accompanies the mission with a clear objective: to elevate Ireland as a premier source of safe and sustainable dairy, understand meat market dynamics, and forge commercial opportunities for Irish exporters. The mission is informed by Bord Bia’s market prioritization study, which identifies Malaysia and the Philippines as key targets for dairy and meat exports.

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