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Jordan’s Agri-Vision: Ministry & JEDCO Collaborate

Jordan's Ministry of Agriculture and JEDCO unite to enhance the agricultural sector, focusing on sustainable value chains.
Key Takeaways:
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and JEDCO have partnered to strengthen the value chains of agricultural alliances.
  • The collaboration aims to reduce operational costs and speed up project implementation.
  • This initiative aligns with the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture for 2022-2025.
  • JEDCO is committed to private sector-oriented development programs in various sectors.
  • The ultimate goal is to ensure Jordanian products meet global demand, with a particular focus on supporting start-ups and SMEs.
Details of the Collaboration

On a remarkable Sunday event, the Ministry of Agriculture took a significant step forward for the future of Jordan’s agricultural sector. Together with the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), they sealed their collaborative intent with a memorandum of understanding. This collaboration aims at organizing and fortifying the agricultural sector by enhancing the value chains of agricultural alliances.

Laying Down the Vision

Khalid Hneifat, the Minister of Agriculture, emphasized that this memorandum is more than an agreement. It encapsulates a vision where both entities collaborate to develop value chains encompassing various agricultural alliances. These include cooperatives, companies, associations, and unions. One of the primary motives behind this strategic partnership is to mitigate operational costs while expediting the project’s implementation, ensuring timely and effective results.

Linking back to the broader developmental plans of the nation, Hneifat noted that this accord aligns seamlessly with the National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture for the years 2022 to 2025. This hints at a cohesive and comprehensive roadmap that the Ministry and JEDCO embark upon, embedding sustainability at its core.

JEDCO’s Pivotal Role

While the Ministry of Agriculture brings domain-specific expertise to this partnership, JEDCO brings a multifaceted approach. The CEO of JEDCO, Abdulfattah Al Kayed, underscored the corporation’s ongoing endeavors in conceptualizing and executing various development programs. These programs are not confined to the agricultural domain but span various industrial, agricultural, and service sectors.

Al Kayed emphasized JEDCO’s intent to position Jordanian products in sync with global demand. The corporation actively provides technical and financial support to budding businesses, start-ups, and SMEs to achieve this. This is crucial to not just ensuring the survival of these enterprises but also to champion their growth, expansion, and, ultimately, their sustainability.

Jordan’s agricultural sector stands on the cusp of a transformative era. With the combined forces of the Ministry of Agriculture and JEDCO, a future of organized, sustainable, and globally competitive agriculture awaits the nation. The emphasis on supporting the grassroots – the start-ups and SMEs – ensures that the benefits of this collaboration trickle down to the very foundation of the sector, promising a brighter, more prosperous agricultural landscape for Jordan.

Image provided by Reuters

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