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Kiss the Ground Study Reveals Low Awareness Of Regenerative Agriculture In The US

Kiss the Ground Study Reveals Low Awareness Of Regenerative Agriculture In The US

Kiss the Ground, a renowned non-profit organization promoting regenerative practices, has released a study illustrating the substantial potential for expansion in the regenerative agriculture movement. The survey found that only 20% of US adults recognize “regenerative agriculture,” and only 4% fully comprehend its implications. This data, collected from a thorough national survey with 1,100 respondents, indicate an opportunity for enhancing public understanding of the critical role of regenerative agriculture in addressing the climate crisis, conserving water resources, and improving human health.

For the past decade, Kiss the Ground has tirelessly worked to raise awareness about regenerative agriculture among consumers and industry professionals. Seeing the importance of evaluating the progress of this movement, the organization surveyed to gauge the level of understanding and acceptance of the concept among consumers.

Regenerative agriculture, with its capacity to combat climate change, boost soil fertility, restore water resources, and enhance human health, offers an effective solution for environmental and health challenges. Farmers who adopt this method contribute to positive environmental changes that benefit everyone. However, the survey findings highlight a significant knowledge gap among the public, underscoring the need for intensive awareness and education campaigns to ensure regenerative agriculture’s potential is fully realized.

“Our research arrives at a critical time. The regenerative movement is experiencing tremendous momentum, supported by a dedicated community of consumers and companies of varying sizes. It’s high time to make this movement mainstream with partners who can reach new audiences and provide consumers with options to purchase regeneratively sourced products,” stated Evan Harrison, CEO of Kiss the Ground.

Additional insights from the Kiss the Ground study reveal that 45% of US adults deem it very important to support organizations fighting climate change, and 55% consider it essential to purchase products that contribute to community welfare. The survey was administered by independent strategist Liz Giel of the market research firm Hierophant. Giel expressed optimism regarding the survey results: “Though regenerative agriculture isn’t yet a mainstream term, this and other research I’ve conducted indicate that climate and environment are significant consumer concerns influencing purchasing decisions.”

Kiss the Ground plans to replicate this study in future years to monitor progress. In addition, this survey will serve as a benchmark for the non-profit’s ongoing efforts as they continue to spearhead the regenerative agriculture movement and involve more partners in this crucial endeavor.

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