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Lavie Bio’s Thrivus™ Receives Regulatory Approval in Canada

Lavie Bio Ltd. has announced the registration approval for its bio-inoculant seed treatment, Thrivus™, by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Lavie Bio Ltd., a leading ag-biological company dedicated to improving food quality, sustainability, and agricultural productivity through microbiome-based products, has announced the registration approval for its bio-inoculant seed treatment, Thrivus™, by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This regulatory milestone marks a significant expansion of Thrivus’s sales territory, tripling its reach.

Thrivus™ is specifically designed to enhance the production of Hard Red Spring Wheat by improving the availability and efficiency of soil nutrients while also mitigating environmental stresses and optimizing production in sub-optimal areas of farmers’ fields. The product has already demonstrated its efficacy during the 2022 growing season in the United States, with an average yield increase of 3-4 bushels per acre and delivering a 4x return on investment for farmers.

Amit Noam, CEO of Lavie Bio, expressed his satisfaction with the regulatory approval, stating, “Our product has played a key role in boosting farmers’ yields and promoting more sustainable food production practices. Gaining regulatory approval from Canada is a significant milestone for our global expansion plan. This year, we have gained significant experience with our manufacturing partner, overcoming various production challenges as we work towards increasing production.”

Building on the success of its commercialization in the USA during 2022, Lavie Bio is positioning Thrivus™ as a headliner product in 2023. The positive results from the previous growing season have solidified its status as an effective solution for farmers, driving increased demand. As the global population continues to grow and consumer demand for sustainable food production rises, the importance of bio-inoculants that support sustainable agricultural practices, like Thrivus™, is increasing. Lavie Bio plans to expand the application of Thrivus™ beyond Spring Wheat to other crops such as barley, durum, oats, and other field crops in the coming year, catering to a broader range of agricultural needs.

Thrivus combines two naturally occurring microbes using machine learning and AI from Lavie Bio’s BDD (Biology Driven Design) platform powered by Evogene’s MicroBoost AI tech engine. This platform allows Lavie Bio to thoroughly analyze microbes, gaining a deep understanding of their specific functions. As a result, Lavie Bio can continuously develop a robust pipeline of bio-inoculant and bio-pesticide products with exceptional performance, reduced development costs, and a shorter time to market, similar to Thrivus™.

Evogene Ltd., the parent company of Lavie Bio, is a computational biology company with a vision to revolutionize the development of life science-based products. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big-data analysis, Evogene aims to increase the probability of success while reducing the time and cost of product development. Evogene has established three unique tech engines—MicroBoost AI, ChemPass AI, and GeneRator AI—that focus on the discovery and development of products based on microbes, small molecules, and genetic elements, respectively.

With the regulatory approval of Thrivus™ in Canada, Lavie Bio takes a significant step towards global expansion. By combining scientific expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainable agriculture, Lavie Bio aims to provide farmers with effective solutions that enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Image provided by Amir Kalhor

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