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Leafy Green Farms’ Hydroponic Harvest Benefits Local Community

Leafy Green Farms'

On the crisp morning of Friday, April 21, 2023, a lively group from Leafy Green Farms, the pioneering vertical hydroponic enterprise in Kansas, embarked on a mission to harvest and distribute their bountiful hyper-organic produce to a quintet of establishments across Crawford County.

In the days leading up to their harvest, the innovative minds at Leafy Green Farms uncovered an impending surplus. They promptly contacted nearby food banks, inquiring about their capacity and eagerness to welcome the forthcoming harvest. The fortunate beneficiaries included The Lord’s Diner in Pittsburg, Wesley House in Pittsburg, Arma Public Library in Arma, the Community Food Pantry of Girard, and A Meal in His Name, courtesy of St. Michael’s Church in Girard.

With passion and dedication, CJ Badart, the dynamic Executive Vice President of Leafy Green Farms, and the eloquent Director of Communications, Leslie Montee, personally delivered the fresh produce freshly harvested by the visionary founder Brad Fourby and the tireless Farm Hand, Ashley Ness. The vibrant greens had been plucked from their hydroponic environment just two hours prior, guaranteeing peak freshness for consumption—a luxury seldom experienced by the recipients in the region.

Grateful for the generous contribution, Wesley House Director, Leah Gagnon, orchestrated the reception and immediate utilization of the verdant produce at her organization. “Our food pantry typically offers shelf-stable items to the families and individuals we serve. However, the availability of fresh produce is a rare and delightful opportunity,” expressed Gagnon. “Leafy Greens’ donation of locally grown produce enables us to alleviate food insecurity and connect our community with nutritious and fresh options. Thanks to their donation, over 15 households enjoyed crisp greens, and we served delectable salads to more than 30 individuals experiencing homelessness for lunch—a meal option often requested!”

Leafy Green Farms stands unwavering in its commitment to revolutionizing nutrition, driven by the conviction that one’s wealth should not determine one’s health. They continually strive to make a meaningful difference for their neighbors in Crawford County and beyond.

Image provided by Leafy Green Farms

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