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LettUs Grow Unveils 2022 Impact Report: New Innovations and Expansion into Europe Highlight a Successful Year

LettUs Grow, a pioneering agritech company, has released its 2022 Impact Report, showcasing a year of remarkable achievements, continuous innovation, and growth.

According to Jack Farmer, CTO of LettUs Grow, one of the year’s significant milestones was obtaining B Corp Certification. This recognition has helped the company identify areas for improvement, formalize procedures, and determine where external assistance is necessary. 

The report also highlights LettUs Grow’s launch of its Aeroponic Rolling Benches, a ground-breaking product designed for hectare-scale growing operations. The rolling benches, which can retrofit into existing hydroponic facilities, underscore the company’s commitment to enhancing food production efficiency on a large scale. Early trials with the Centre for Applied Crop Science (CHAP) and Stockbridge Technology Centre have yielded promising results. 

Farmer emphasized the importance of ingraining the company’s founding values in all its operations, mainly as it grows. The team is making strides by focusing on projects with a positive social impact, employing technology that minimizes environmental impact per kilogram of fresh produce, and enhancing the lives of staff members, the community, and stakeholders.

LettUs Grow also showcased its innovative streak by introducing new crops to its aeroponic system, including chilies, Nicotiana Benthamiana for biotechs, apple tree whip propagation, and Willow for biomass

In its quest to deepen the understanding of aeroponics and innovate agricultural practices, LettUs Grow has partnered with Wageningen University & Research, a renowned Dutch institution is known for its focus on healthy food and living environments.

The company expanded its reach beyond its home turf in 2022, delivering container farms to three new locations across Europe, with use cases ranging from startup businesses to the public sector. In addition, LettUs Grow conducted its first Aeroponic Rolling Bench trials in 2023, exploring the potential uses of aeroponics in the food and energy sectors while supporting existing customers in improving crop varieties and yields.

Looking ahead, Farmer expressed enthusiasm for the possibilities of the coming year, indicating that LettUs Grow is poised for further growth and innovation.

Image provided by StockBridge Technology Centre

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