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Lindsay Corporation and Pessl Instruments Partner

Lindsay Corporation and Pessl Instruments Partner

Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, is joining forces with Pessl Instruments, a global provider of cutting-edge agricultural technology solutions under the METOS® brand. The strategic, global partnership aims to integrate Pessl’s advanced field monitoring systems with Lindsay’s premier FieldNET® remote irrigation management platform.

This integration will empower farmers to monitor and adjust their operations based on vital atmospheric conditions, such as temperature, rainfall, evapotranspiration, and soil moisture. Growers can access specific Pessl field monitoring systems, including weather stations and soil moisture probes, through the FieldNET platform. This provides real-time insights into crop water requirements, enhancing farmers’ ability to remotely monitor, control, analyze, and apply irrigation recommendations.

Moreover, users of FieldNET Advisor® can leverage Pessl’s field monitoring systems to bolster the predictive analytics offered by the solution. This additional layer of analysis could significantly transform their irrigation decision-making process.

Gottfried Pessl, CEO & Founder of Pessl Instruments, expressed his commitment to helping farmers streamline their operations. He said, “This partnership will leverage the combined expertise of Pessl and Lindsay; it will combine cutting-edge technologies and revolutionize how farmers manage their irrigation, logistics, and plant protection. As a result, we aim to enable farmers to understand what their crops need and help them make the right decisions at the right time, saving them time and resources.”

Gustavo Oberto, President of Global Irrigation at Lindsay, emphasized the value of in-depth analytics in informing crucial farming decisions throughout the growing season. He stated, “Adding the additional capabilities in soil moisture and weather monitoring that Pessl has developed and field-tested will enable our growers to gain even greater confidence in their irrigation management decisions using FieldNET. This includes the recommendations provided by FieldNET Advisor, utilizing predictive analytics to determine where, when, and how much to irrigate.”

The alliance between Lindsay and Pessl signifies a crucial step forward in integrating innovative technologies into farming practices, potentially redefining how growers approach irrigation and crop management in the face of climate variability and water scarcity.

Image provided by Lindsay Corporation

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