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Little Leaf Farms News: Debuts Premium Salad Kits

Little Leaf Farms, known for its sustainably grown lettuce, has launched new salad kits in Crispy Caesar and Southwest varieties.
Key Takeaways:
  • Little Leaf Farms introduces new salad kits in Crispy Caesar and Southwest varieties, enhancing their already-popular Baby Crispy Green Leaf lettuce.
  • Committed to freshness, the salad kits are packed and delivered to the store within 24 hours from the greenhouse.
  • Little Leaf Farms’ salad greens are untouched by human hands from seeding to harvesting and are free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
  • The company recently ranked as the #1 best-selling packaged lettuce in New England and expanded its market presence by opening its fifth greenhouse.
  • The salad kits come in 7.5 oz. Packages priced at $5.49 were initially launched in select Northeast retailers, with more extensive distribution in 2024.
Introducing the Freshest Salad Kits on the Market

For salad enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike, there’s good news on the horizon! Little Leaf Farms, celebrated for pioneering controlled environment agriculture to produce the nation’s #1 brand of packaged lettuce, has unveiled a new addition to its line-up. Responding to growing consumer demand for fresher, tastier greens in ready-made salad kits, the company has introduced Crispy Caesar and Southwest varieties that promise a gourmet experience in a convenient package.

Lindsay Hardie, the Vice President of Marketing at Little Leaf Farms, encapsulated the company’s passion for innovation, stating, “Little Leaf Farms fans have been asking for these kits, and we’re excited to bring them to shelf this fall. Our kits are packed and delivered from the greenhouse to the grocery store in about 24 hours, providing consumers with a new, always-fresh, convenient, and delicious option.”

A Closer Look at the New Salad Kits

The kits are delicious and fresh. Crispy Caesar has Green Leaf, Garlic Croutons, Parmesan, and Caesar Dressing. Southwest has Green Leaf, Tortilla Strips, Corn, Cheese Blend, and Avocado Ranch Dressing. The greens are grown with no pesticides or herbicides and are untouched by human hands to maintain purity and quality.

Growth and Expansion

This exciting product launch follows close on the heels of Little Leaf Farms’ announcement of its dominance in the New England lettuce market. Their consistent growth and commitment to quality have also seen them inaugurate their fifth greenhouse in the Northeast. This expansion translates to a retail presence spanning nearly 5,000 grocery stores, reaching from the Midwest to the Southeast regions.

For consumers eager to try these new salad kits, they’re packaged in 7.5 oz. Servings and are priced at $5.49. Initial availability is in select retailers in the Northeast, with a broader reach planned for early 2024.

Little Leaf Farms Latest News

New England’s Top Packaged Lettuce Brand (2023/09/21)

Little Leaf Farms is the #1 best-selling packaged lettuce in New England, with a 46% boost in total dollar sales year over year. The brand is committed to growth and sustainability, as seen in the recent inauguration of its fifth greenhouse in McAdoo, Pennsylvania. This will expand its retail presence to nearly 5,000 grocery stores and broaden Little Leaf Farms’ reach into the Midwest and Southeast regions. The brand’s Sweet Baby Butter Leaf product will hit the shelves this fall in a fresh eight oz size.

Little Leaf Farms Welcomes William Hogan (2023/07/18)

Little Leaf Farms has appointed William Hogan as Executive Vice President and CFO. Hogan’s experience in private equity and strategic financial management will be instrumental in driving the company’s financial performance and operational efficiency as it enters its next phase of growth. Little Leaf Farms is committed to sustainable farming practices and plans to open its second greenhouse in Pennsylvania, which will be its fifth greenhouse overall. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, locally-grown lettuce to consumers across the United States.

Paul Sellew Named EY New England Entrepreneur of the Year (2023/06/23)

Paul Sellew, Founder and CEO of Little Leaf Farms, was awarded the New England Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 by Ernst & Young LLP (EY US). Little Leaf Farms is a leading brand in sustainably grown packaged lettuce through controlled environment agriculture. The company operates greenhouses in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, with plans for further expansion. Little Leaf Farms recently projected retail sales to exceed $100 million by the end of 2023.

Little Leaf Farms to Open New Greenhouse in Pennsylvania (2023/06/01)

Little Leaf Farms is set to open its fifth state-of-the-art greenhouse in McAdoo, Pennsylvania, increasing its indoor cultivation space by 10 acres and making its fresh produce available in nearly 5,000 grocery stores across the Midwest to the Southeast. The new greenhouse will utilize advanced technology and efficiencies, enabling Little Leaf Farms to harvest over 20 million pounds of leafy greens annually. The company also donated $10,000 to Feeding Pennsylvania as part of the ceremony.

Little Leaf Farms Seeks to Trademark Its Lettuce Signature Curve (2023/05/03)

Little Leaf Farms, the leading brand of packaged lettuce grown sustainably through controlled environment agriculture, has filed for a trademark of its Baby Crispy Green Leaf lettuce’s unique curved shape. The lettuce’s signature curve, which leads into ruffled edges of vibrant green leaves, has delighted lettuce lovers along the East Coast. Little Leaf Farms is celebrating National Salad Month by hosting a sweepstakes on its Instagram account through May 31st, 2023, for a chance to win a year of free lettuce and other fun accessories. With its advanced greenhouse technologies and commitment to local delivery within 24 hours from harvest, Little Leaf Farms has become the top brand of packaged CEA lettuce in the U.S. and the third best-selling brand of all packaged lettuce in the Northeast.

Little Leaf Farms: Sustainable, High-Tech Lettuce Breaks Sales Records in 2023 (2023/04/23)

The company owes its success to its commitment to technology, sustainability, and quality. By implementing next-gen sensors and data science systems in its greenhouses, the company has achieved a yield 30 times greater than conventional farms. Additionally, Little Leaf Farms’ lettuce is known for its great taste, and it has a robust employee training program to help workers develop their careers. The company is a leader in the packaged lettuce segment and is poised for even more success in the future.

Little Leaf Farms Banks a USD 300 Million Funding (2022/06/16)

Little Leaf Farms has successfully raised USD 300 million in new capital in a funding round led by The Rise Fund, TPG’s multi-sector global impact investing strategy, and debt funding from Bank of America. The funding will support the company’s growth & expansion plans to make Little Leaf Farms’ lettuces accessible to more than half of the United States by 2026. To reach said goal the company will double the acreage of its current facility and open a new greenhouse in McAdoo, Pennsylvania this summer.

Image provided by Little Leaf Farms

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