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Cultivating Freshness: Farm-to-Terminal Dining at CVG Airport

CVG Airport partners with 80 Acres Farms and Paradies Lagardère to offer travelers fresh, sustainably farmed dining options.
Key Takeaways:
  • Collaborative Freshness: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) collaborates with 80 Acres Farms and Paradies Lagardère to offer fresh food options for travelers year-round.
  • Local and Sustainable: 80 Acres Farms brings locally sourced, pesticide-free greens to the airport, utilizing efficient vertical farming technologies that promote sustainability.
  • Diverse Offerings: Travelers at CVG can now enjoy various fresh salad kits at all Paradies Lagardère travel essentials stores and dine on fresh greens and herbs at Vino Volo.
  • Holistic Health Approach: The initiative responds to travelers’ desire for healthy, convenient, and environmentally responsible dining options during their journeys.
  • Innovative Expansion: 80 Acres Farms introduces new grab-and-go salads, further enhancing its reach and offerings across multiple states.

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), nestled in Hebron, Kentucky, has notably recognized the evolution of passenger transit needs, particularly culinary options. In a groundbreaking alliance with 80 Acres Farms and Paradies Lagardère, CVG heralds a new era where fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable food offerings are not just a possibility but a staple for travelers traversing its terminals.

The Hamilton, Ohio-based 80 Acres Farms stands out in agricultural technology, leveraging vertical farming to grow pesticide-free greens, herbs, and other produce. With a stark reduction in water usage—up to 95% less per pound of produce compared to conventional farms—and a notable capacity to grow up to 300 times more food per square foot, the company seamlessly melds sustainability with high-quality produce. Their facilities, including a sprawling 200,000-square-foot farm in Boone County, Kentucky, epitomize the harmony of technological advancement and sustainable practices in agriculture.

Elevating Travel Culinary Experiences

Air travel steadily regains momentum in a post-pandemic era, so passengers increasingly seek healthier and higher-quality food options. In a response that speaks volumes to acknowledging and acting upon customer feedback, Candace McGraw, CEO of CVG, expressed delight at offering “what [passengers] desire” through CVG’s collaboration with 80 Acres Farms and Paradies Lagardère.

Such an endeavor doesn’t merely stop at offering fresh options but branches into curated culinary experiences with the introduction of 80 Acres Farms’ grab-and-go salad kits. Varieties like the “Feelin’ Gouda,” “Greekin’ Out,” and “Rockin’ Ranchero” marry convenience with gourmet, allowing travelers to indulge in a fresh, healthful meal amidst the hustle of their journeys.

A Model of Sustainability and Innovation

Vertical farming, mainly practiced by 80 Acres Farms, has become a beacon of hope in addressing food sustainability and accessibility. With the capacity to serve fresh, nutritious produce with a minuscule environmental footprint, it becomes more than a business model, evolving into a prototype that could revolutionize how we perceive agriculture and food availability, especially in urban and densely populated areas.

In the bustling environment of an international airport, this innovative agricultural approach makes fresh, quality produce accessible to thousands of passengers daily. Mike Zelkind, CEO and co-founder of 80 Acres Farms emphasized the potential of vertical farming technology to provide “sustainable and delicious grab-and-go meals,” ensuring travelers are afforded convenience without compromising on quality or their carbon footprint.

A Forward-Thinking Collaboration

This collaborative venture also symbolizes a shift in corporate partnerships, where sustainability, innovation, and customer well-being converge at the core of strategic alliances. Gregg Paradies, president and CEO of Paradies Lagardère, expressed enthusiasm about paralleling 80 Acres Farms’ commitment to “quality, innovation, and commitment to sustainability.”

What unfolds at CVG is not merely a product offering but a manifestation of forward-thinking business practices that heed the call of environmental responsibility, customer satisfaction, and innovative growth. Such ventures hint at a future where airports and transit hubs become not just waypoints but destinations where quality, sustainability, and passenger well-being are revered and prioritized.

The blend of 80 Acres Farms’ revolutionary farming, Paradies Lagardère’s seasoned retail expertise, and CVG’s strategic facilitation crafts not just a fruitful partnership but sets a new standard for airports and transit points globally. With a model that interweaves sustainability, quality, and passenger convenience, there is a blueprint and, perhaps, an invitation for other global hubs to innovate, collaborate, and elevate the passenger experience to fresh, new heights.

Image provided by 80 Acres Farms

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