Little Leaf Farms files to patent its signature curve

Little Leaf Farms Seeks to Trademark Its Lettuce Signature Curve

Little Leaf Farms, the nation’s leading brand of packaged lettuce sustainably grown through controlled environment agriculture (CEA), announced today that it has filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to officially trademark the unique shape of its Baby Crispy Green Leaf lettuce. The application refers explicitly to the lettuce’s signature curve, which features a rounded shape leading into the ruffled edges of the vibrant green leaves.

This distinctive shape has delighted lettuce lovers across the East Coast, who describe it as playful, curvy, and stunningly bright green. Beyond its appearance, Baby Crispy Green Leaf is also renowned for its fresh, crisp crunch, a testament to Little Leaf Farms’ advanced greenhouse technologies and commitment to local delivery within 24 hours from harvest.

In celebration of National Salad Month, Little Leaf Farms is hosting sweepstakes on its Instagram account, @littleleaffarms, through May 31st, 2023. Participants can enter to win a year of free lettuce, grocery gift cards, and other fun accessories to help them create delicious and sizable salads at home.

“Lettuce is the true workhorse of any salad, serving as a key base for just about any ingredient imaginable,” said a representative from Little Leaf Farms. The company began growing lettuce in its first greenhouse in Devens, Massachusetts, in 2016 and has since expanded its operations to Pennsylvania. Little Leaf Farms plans to continue its expansion over the next five years.

The company is now the #1 brand of packaged CEA lettuce in the U.S. and the #3 brand of all packaged lettuce in the Northeast. With its innovative approach to sustainable agriculture and dedication to freshness, the company is well on its way to becoming a household name in greens.

Image provided by Little Leaf Farms

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