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Lucent Bio Receives $3.6M for Eco-Friendly Seed Coating Tech Scale-Up

Lucent Bio Receives $3.6M for Eco-Friendly Seed Coating Tech Scale-Up. AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture

Key Takeaways:

  • Funding Milestone: Lucent Bio secures over $3.6 million from PacifiCan to scale up Nutreos, their microplastic-free seed coating technology.
  • Research and Development: The investment will enhance Nutreos’ formulation, ensuring its effectiveness as it moves from the lab to the field.
  • Global Market Expansion: The funds will also aid Lucent Bio in making Nutreos available to farmers worldwide, promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: Focusing on environmentally responsible production will align Nutreos’ manufacturing with sustainability standards.
  • Agricultural Innovation: This funding supports Lucent Bio’s mission to decarbonize agriculture with non-polluting, sustainable solutions.

Lucent Bio, an innovative agricultural technology company, has announced a significant funding injection of over $3.6 million provided by PacifiCan through the Business Scale-up and Productivity program. This funding is earmarked for the development and commercialization of Nutreos, Lucent Bio’s pioneering seed treatment technology.

Advancing Nutreos Development

The investment will accelerate the research and development of Nutreos, transitioning it from a laboratory concept to a field-ready product. This biodegradable and microplastic-free seed coating is designed to enhance germination, vigor, and crop establishment, marking a shift towards sustainable agricultural inputs.

Expanding Market Reach

Lucent Bio plans to use the funding to broaden its market presence, making this eco-conscious seed treatment accessible to a global farming audience. The expansion aims to equip more farmers with a sustainable method to improve crop establishment and vitality.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

A portion of the funds will ensure that Nutreos’ production processes adhere to environmental sustainability standards, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, thereby contributing to a cleaner agricultural industry.

Lucent Bio’s Sustainable Mission

The funding announcement coincides with the grand opening of Lucent Bio’s Soileos micronutrient fertilizer plant in Saskatchewan, reinforcing the company’s commitment to sustainable and climate-positive agricultural solutions.

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