Lucent Bio Secures Patent for Groundbreaking Biodegradable Nutrient Delivery Technology
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Lucent Bio Secures Patent for Groundbreaking Biodegradable Nutrient Delivery Technology

Lucent Bio has received a patent for its novel biodegradable nutrient delivery technology (US Patent No. 11,691,928). This groundbreaking technology ushers in a new epoch in the agricultural sector, enhancing global practices and beckoning future investments.

The technology, developed by Lucent Bio, re-engineers the nutrient delivery process by utilizing water-insoluble biopolymers, offering an avant-garde solution to crop nutrition. The introduction of this technology is substantiated by extensive scientific research and validation, paving the way for innovation in the agri-tech sector.

Peter Gross, Lucent Bio’s Chief Technical Officer, states, “Our patented technology revolutionizes sustainable farming by offering an efficient, eco-friendly fertilizer solution that also ensures a robust ROI for the farmer. It’s a significant achievement that puts Lucent Bio in the vanguard of agri-tech fertilizer innovation.”

The groundbreaking technology will be operationalized through AGT Soileos in Western Canada, an amalgamation of the proficiency of Lucent Bio and AGT Foods. This joint venture aims to bolster farmers in improving crop yields while emphasizing the long-term conservation of natural resources.

AGT Foods President and CEO Murad Al-Katib, commented, “The collaboration between AGT and Lucent continues to thrive. Our manufacturing facility in Saskatchewan, the first among many worldwide, is nearing completion, ready to provide intelligent fertilization solutions to local farmers. This patent symbolizes a pivotal stage in the commercialization of Soileos.”

Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada, echoed the sentiment. “Lucent Bio and AGT Foods’ partnership exemplifies how Canadian companies, bolstered by the Global Innovation Cluster program, are working together to tackle pressing issues in the agriculture and food sector by bringing innovative products to market.”

Lucent Bio is also developing biopolymer-based seed coatings and controlled-release NPK coatings that are plastic-free and biodegradable, proactively driving fertilizer innovation. The initiative aligns perfectly with the recent regulations enacted by the EU and North American governments to prohibit microplastics in agriculture. Lucent Bio is committed to offering profitable, sustainable, and climate-resilient fertilizer solutions. The company encourages others to join in their quest for a sustainable future. For more details, visit

The white paper elucidating the action mechanism of this technology can be found here.

Image provided by Lucent Bio

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