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Moleaer’s Nanobubble Technology Bolsters European Agriculture

Moleaer and BS Nature launch a facility in Almería, offering nanobubble technology to elevate European agriculture.
Key Takeaways
  • New Production Facility: Moleaer opens a new production facility in Almería, Spain, with plans to provide their patented technology to European greenhouses, farms, and customers.
  • Partnership with BS Nature: Moleaer collaborates with Spain’s leading organic producer, BS Nature, to distribute its nanobubble technology throughout pivotal European agriculture regions.
  • Addressing Climate Change: Both companies are focused on tackling climate-related challenges, such as drought and increasing temperatures, which negatively affect crop yields.
  • Nanobubble Technology Benefits: Moleaer’s technology enriches irrigation water with oxygen nanobubbles, which improves plant health, enhances yields, and optimizes root absorption.
  • New Nanobubble Generator – INDALO™: Specifically designed for southern Spain’s unique climate, the INDALO™ generator efficiently supersaturates water with oxygen, improving crop yield and quality.

In a significant stride towards sustainable agriculture in Europe, Moleaer inaugurated a new production facility in Almería, Spain. This establishment seeks to cater to the burgeoning needs of local greenhouses and farms, as well as broadening its clientele across the continent.

In its mission to spread its groundbreaking nanobubble technology throughout Europe’s vital agricultural belt, Moleaer has strategically aligned with BS Nature, Spain’s paramount organic producer. This partnership aspires to transform water utilization, alleviate costs, and boost crop yields for farmers.

The urgency of their collaboration becomes clear against the backdrop of climate change. Drought, soaring temperatures, and a 70% dip in water levels in reservoirs of Andalusia, Spain’s crucial food-exporting hub, paint a grim picture for farmers. However, Moleaer’s innovative nanobubble technology stands out as a beacon of hope. By enriching irrigation water with oxygen nanobubbles, the technology promises enhanced plant vitality and augmented yields. The results are even more remarkable given the region’s extreme temperature fluctuations.

Further advantages of this technology encompass the elimination of biofilm in dripline emitters, prevention of root diseases, reduction of algae, and the optimization of root water and nutrient absorption.

The location of Moleaer’s newest facility, Almería, is no coincidence. Known for its vast expanses of greenhouses, Almería is responsible for an astonishing annual produce of 2.5 to 3.5 million tons of fruits and vegetables. The newly launched nanobubble generator, INDALO™, is tailored to the distinctive climatic challenges of southern Spain. Its patented gas-to-liquid injection technology outperforms other methods, supersaturating water with oxygen.

The formidable efficacy of this nanobubble technology is not just a claim but is backed by independent studies sponsored by BS Nature. These studies consistently documented tangible improvements in water quality, translating to higher crop yields and superior fruit quality—all without additional resources or chemical inputs.

Nick Dyner, Moleaer’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture in Almería and emphasized the importance of the partnership with BioSabor. He believes the synergy between the two giants will further popularize nanobubble technology in Spain and its neighboring territories.

Francisco Belmonte, President of BioSabor, mirrored this sentiment, highlighting the facility’s inauguration as a landmark in Moleaer and BS Nature’s collaboration. He stressed both companies’ unwavering commitment to delivering efficient solutions to local farmers and meeting Europe’s market demands.

Moleaer, recognized as the global leader in nanobubble technology, champions the ethos of achieving more with less water. With its nanobubble generators in over 55 countries, Moleaer aims to enhance industrial processes, empower businesses, and rejuvenate aquatic ecosystems without chemical interventions.

BS Nature, established in 2012, is a testament to organic and sustainable agriculture. Committed to technology, innovation, and environmental stewardship, the company continuously seeks ways to optimize water consumption and ensure sustainable practices.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash 

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