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Montana: Agriplay & Zion Join Forces to Boost Local Food Production

Montana: Agriplay & Zion Join Forces to Boost Local Food Production

Agriplay Ventures Incorporated (Agriplay), a leader in advanced vertical farming technology, has announced a ten-year territory license sale for Montana to Zion International Organic Nutraceuticals Incorporated (Zion). The agreement is a significant milestone for both companies as they work together to address food security through increased local control over the food supply chain.

Zion, a company committed to addressing food security challenges, mends broken supply chains and fosters local food production. Their vision is to build an ecosystem of entrepreneurial farmers, transforming underused commercial real estate into thriving local farms. Zion already has a robust network of operators and licensees in various markets and, together with Agriplay and other territorial licensees, is working to establish social food initiatives across North America.

Agriplay’s President, Dan Houston, voiced his enthusiasm for the new partnership: “We are thrilled to have Zion as a strategic partner in our mission to transform underutilized commercial real estate into productive vertical farms. Zion’s success in working with local entrepreneurs and investors to develop operational farms is inspiring, and we are confident that our partnership will lead to meaningful progress in addressing food security challenges at a local and national level.”

The agreement marks a larger strategy to encourage local food production and confront food security issues. Agriplay and Zion are devoted to using their expertise to assist communities in onshoring their food production, thereby building sustainable food systems.

Zion will gain access to Agriplay’s state-of-the-art indoor vertical farming technology and expertise through this partnership. In return, Agriplay will leverage Zion’s established network of operators and licensees. This collaborative effort is intended to drive innovation in local food production and create a more sustainable food system, showcasing how partnerships can leverage technology and local resources for broader societal benefits.

Photo by Michael Bourgault on Unsplash representing Montana

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