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Nadec and Pure Harvest Partner for National Food Security Project in Saudi Arabia

AgTech company, Pure Harvest Smart Farms To Enter Saudi Arabia

Nadec and Pure Harvest Smart Farms have partnered to bring high-quality, sustainable, and safe fresh produce to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The companies aim to deliver 27 hectares of production in the near term, with prospects for significant future expansions.

Pure Harvest will develop, build, and manage high-tech, climate-controlled hybrid food production systems to produce fresh fruits and vegetables without pesticides. The project will leverage Nadec’s existing infrastructure, far-reaching distribution network, and trusted consumer brands. The first project was completed and commissioned on December 29, 2021, producing over 15 varieties of hydroponically-grown tomatoes in a 6-hectare climate-controlled growing system.

“We are pleased to partner with Pure Harvest Smart Farms and bring their unique controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) solutions and expertise to the Kingdom. Nadec’s long tradition of providing an expansive range of staple food products to the Kingdom and the surrounding region.” commented the CEO of NADEC, Dr. Solaiman A. AlTwaijri.

Per the company’s press release, the partnership strives to assist the shift towards grander food security, water preservation, economic diversification, and sustainability in the Kingdom and the GCC region. Pure Harvest’s growing systems result in low water consumption and are powered by Nadec’s renewable energy and waste heat from existing infrastructure.

Sky Kurtz, Founder & CEO of Pure Harvest Smart Farms, added: “We are honored to start this partnership with Nadec. They are a formidable incumbent food supplier with a sterling reputation and brand, sizeable landholdings and facilitating infrastructure, and an experienced leadership team. We greatly benefit from Nadec’s strength and are pioneering a new category of fresh produce for the Saudi people – premium local.”

The partnership brings Pure Harvest’s expertise in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) to the Kingdom, with both companies sharing a vision to make local-for-local high-quality, pesticide-residue-free, and healthy fruits and vegetable production possible. Over the next five years, Pure Harvest seeks to deploy substantial production capacity and farm a wide range of crops, while Nadec will market the products to its expansive consumer base.

The partnership between Nadec and Pure Harvest is a step toward the Kingdom’s vision for a more self-sufficient and sustainable food system. It is an exciting opportunity to bring high-quality, sustainable, and safe produce to the people of Saudi Arabia and support the transition to a more sustainable future.

Image provided by Pure Harvest Smart Farms

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