Nanobubble Technology Increased Violet Production

Cutting-edge nanobubble technology sustainably increases violet production from AgTech company Molear farming agriculture

Harster Greenhouses is an indoor, climate-controlled greenhouse operation that spans 15 acres, featuring automated controls for air temperature, flow, soil moisture, and shade. Each section of the greenhouse is tailored to meet the specific needs of the crops grown there.

One of the challenges the greenhouse operation faces is improving root development for more resilient plants. The Head Grower at Harster Greenhouses sought sustainable solutions to this issue and came across Moleaer’s nanobubble generator.

Bart Kouwenberg, Head Grower at Harster Greenhouses, said: “Using a Moleaer nanobubble generator led to bigger plants and more root mass. Propagation was also sped up by ten days and reduced the final weeks of flowering by ten days.”

According to the company, before installing the nanobubble generator, the growth cycle for crops at Harster Greenhouses was, on average, 7-8 weeks and needed to be more consistent. In addition, Moleaer’s nanobubble generator is a chemical-free and cost-efficient solution that aims to improve water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen levels in irrigation water. Furthermore, the technology is said to support root development, increase nutrient uptake efficiency, and reduce pathogens by up to 90%.

Harster Greenhouses claims that since installing the nanobubble generator, the growth cycle for violets has been reduced to a consistent 6-week growth cycle, leading to increased production and profitability. Additionally, the company claims to have reduced fertilizer usage by 18% due to better root development and improved nutrient uptake efficiency.

Customers have also reported that plants arrive stronger and healthier after 4-5 days of transport.

Image provided by Molear

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