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Netafim & E20 Investment Ink MOU to Further Sustainable Ag Globally

Precision agriculture powerhouse Netafim, under the umbrella of Orbia, has formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with E20 Investment, a renowned UAE-based entity. The alliance seeks to foster sustainable agricultural methodologies and elevate precision irrigation techniques to confront the ever-growing challenges of food security within the UAE and internationally.

This joint venture is geared to capitalize on the distinct competencies of Orbia Netafim and E20 Investment’s subsidiary, Agritek, a key player in the agricultural project development domain. A significant area of focus for this collaboration is battling the global surge in desertification. This will be achieved through adequate precision irrigation, assimilating digital resources into agriculture and landscaping projects, and fostering initiatives tailored to these objectives. Moreover, there are plans to explore opportunities spread across the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia to address food security concerns.

E20 Investment’s CEO, Sultan Al Jaberi, articulated his enthusiasm for the venture: “This MOU signifies a monumental stride in equipping local and regional cultivators with the means to adopt more ecologically sound agricultural practices, thereby enhancing their harvest yields and overall efficacy. Our allegiance with Orbia Netafim underscores our unwavering commitment to pouring resources into pioneering agricultural solutions on a universal scale.”

Elad Levi, the Senior Vice President of APAC at Orbia Precision Agriculture, chimed in with a similar sentiment. He mentioned, “This collaboration, rooted in Netafim’s already formidable presence in the region, is set to catalyze the growth of sustainable farming methodologies throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Our combined efforts will breathe life into expansive agricultural projects, addressing food security head-on and curbing desertification. We’re looking at a future where agriculture is both locally and globally sustainable.”

Prominent figures from both organizations attended the MOU event. Among those present were Pramendra Gang, the CIO of E20, Nehayet Rasoul, COO of Agritek, Abed Masarwa, Netafim’s Vice President of Products & Extensive Crops, and Aviv Kurtz, Netafim’s Projects & Customers Manager. Sultan Al Jaberi, CEO of E20 Investment, and Elad Levi, Orbia Precision Agriculture’s Senior Vice President of APAC, were at the forefront of the assembly.

This partnership, underscored by mutual ambition and expertise, signals a transformative phase in global agricultural practices, focusing on sustainability and food security.

Image provided by Netafim

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