NovelFarm Scheduled To Take Place February 15th & 16th 2023

NovelFarm Is Back

The biggest trade show for soilless and vertical farming will return to Pordenone on February 15 and 16. AlgaeFarm, an event devoted to the growth of algae, microalgae, and microorganisms, is taking place simultaneously.

The fourth edition of NovelFarm, the only gathering in Southern Europe exclusively devoted to soilless and vertical farming, is three months away. The event will coincide with AlgaeFarm, an occasion devoted to the production and application of algae, microalgae, and microorganisms, and it will take place on February 15 and 16. International academic and scientific institutions will take part in the two events.

NovelFarm will showcase all the scientific and technological advancements made to modern growth techniques in an effort to improve their performance while maintaining high levels of quality and stability in the organoleptic and nutritional properties of foods. Soilless and vertical agriculture is crucial because it is necessary to reduce the distances between the locations where food is produced and eaten in order to lessen the effects of transportation, logistics, and waste. It is not only about technology. Additionally, they make it possible for food to be produced in its basic form regardless of the season or climate.

Due to this, the inaugural session of NovelFarm will examine the strategic role of soilless and vertical farming in agricultural production. One of the attractions of the event, the agenda, will soon have more information available. The search for potential event supporters is still ongoing in the meantime. There have already been several confirmations from exhibitors from the May 2017 edition; that May saw a 25% increase in attendees and area occupied.
AlgaeFarm, the event devoted to technology and applications in algaculture and industrial microbiology, is co-located with NovelFarm, the first Italian event exclusively dedicated to new cultivation techniques, soilless and vertical farming.

Image provided by NovelFarm

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