NY Sun Works Launches Advanced Urban Farm Classroom in Queens

NY Sun Works unveils a new greenhouse and hydroponic farm classroom at Village Academy in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Key Takeaways:

  • NY Sun Works unveils a new greenhouse and hydroponic farm classroom at Village Academy in Far Rockaway, Queens.
  • The facility features aquaponic and hydroponic technologies to enhance the school’s sustainability science curriculum.
  • The initiative aims to empower students with quality climate education and provide access to fresh food.
  • Village Academy joins 66 funded partner schools in Queens, reflecting a commitment to expanding climate education and addressing food insecurity.
  • The NYC School Construction Authority managed the entire project and worked with multiple consultants in the design and construction of the greenhouse.
  • The program includes professional development for educators and support from hydroponic specialists.

In a collaborative effort with Borough President Donovan Richards Jr., NY Sun Works announced the inauguration of a cutting-edge greenhouse and hydroponic farm classroom at Village Academy in Far Rockaway, Queens. The ribbon-cutting event showcased the new facility equipped with the latest in aquaponic and hydroponic farming technology, set to bolster the school’s sustainability science curriculum.

Commitment to Climate Science and Sustainability

Manuela Zamora, Executive Director of NY Sun Works, emphasized the project’s significance, especially in the context of Superstorm Sandy’s 11th anniversary. The urban farms are designed to inspire students to delve into STEM fields and become proactive in addressing local and global resource challenges.

Enhancing STEM Education

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. has been a staunch advocate for integrating hydroponics into school curricula, recognizing its potential to enhance STEM education substantially. He thanked NY Sun Works and all contributors for making the Village Academy classroom a reality.

A Space for Future Innovators

Village Academy Principal Doris Lee highlighted the lab’s role in inspiring future scientists, engineers, and world changers. She pointed out that such initiatives are critical for providing equitable access to education and opportunities that can transform communities.

Expanding Educational Reach

The initiative is part of a broader effort to support climate education in communities affected by severe weather, climate change, and food insecurity. Borough President Richards Jr. is dedicated to fostering these educational programs across the boroughs.

Urban Farming in Education

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato lauded the moment as remarkable for Village Academy, noting the importance of teaching urban students new skills through innovative means such as a greenhouse and hydroponic farm.

NY Sun Works’ Educational Goals

NY Sun Works aims to deliver K-12 science and sustainability education through urban farming, enhancing science programs, student experiences, and access to fresh produce. The hydroponic classrooms align with educational standards and offer a soil-free, LED-lit environment for plant cultivation.

Support for Teachers and Schools

Partner schools like Village Academy will benefit from ongoing professional development and regular visits from hydroponic specialists. These experts will assist with system maintenance, planting, harvesting, and distributing produce, ensuring the program’s success and sustainability.

Image provided by New York Sun Works

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