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Ontario Hydroponic Strawberry Grower Expands

Vertically-integrated supplier of strawberries, Ever Tru Farms is launching phase two of its expansion as reported by Produce Blue Book. The Ontario, Canada, pioneer in hydroponic strawberry production is planning to expand an additional 15 acres to reach a total of 40 acres of production with harvest expected towards the end of September for the added part of the facility.

“Ever Tru Farms has been looking forward to the farm’s expansion since inception,” says Paul J. Mastronardi, director of sales for Ever Tru Farms. “We have seen positive feedback from customers and consumers and are excited to grow the farm to meet that demand.”

“Partnering with local Canadian retailers and US retail partners receiving our berries within 24 hours ensures that consumers can rely on our premium berries year-round,” states Mastronardi, “Consumers won’t have to sacrifice quality or taste due to the consistent supply Ever Tru Farms provides. Indoor growing allows us to be unaffected by harsh natural elements and weather conditions that impact traditional outdoor farms.”

Ever Tru Farms believes that they have refined a process that will allow them to provide consumers with more consistent and better-quality berries. Through reconstructing and adapting the sustainable hydroponic growing process, Ever Tru Farms has developed a growth strategy for strawberries that leads to a better, more consistent product. Ever Tru Farms believes customers should be entitled to Forever Delicious™ berries from a brand they can trust.

They add to a long list of hydroponic, vertical farms, indoor farms, and other solution providers based in Ontario, Canada. For the past couple of weeks, Ontario-based indoor vertical farming companies have been extremely active in appointing new heads, signing strategic partnerships, announcing new productsexpanding their facilities, and creating funds for the AgriTech sector. A handful of these companies are based in Cornwall (Ontario), so the question may be asked, is Cornwall becoming a vertical farming hub?


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