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Pacific Ridge Expands Operations To The US With Arkansas Base

Pacific Ridge AgTech

Pacific Ridge (PACRIDGE) is a farming food company that takes a unique approach to agriculture, known as soil-to-shelf regenerative farming. The company has its headquarters in Saskatchewan, Canada, and is expanding operations to the U.S. with a new base in Northwest Arkansas. Their foundational vision is to empower farmers, retailers, and consumers with transparency and technology, which allows them to partner with farmers across 375,000+ acres of dryland farms.

PACRIDGE has developed a new True Crops™ app technology that improves crop traceability from seed to shelf and provides access to regenerative food products. In addition, the company’s Sonic Milling™️ technology enables them to expand regenerative products to more retail food categories. With the app, more farmers, retailers, and consumers can benefit from the positive impact of regenerative farming practices.

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One of the unique features of PACRIDGE is that it is a farmer-owned company that partners with the True Crops™ farming community to lead transformative environmental and corporate sustainability efforts. Their approach to farming enables them to supply the highest quality, sustainable plant-based foods, beverages, and ingredients. In addition, by using regenerative agricultural practices, PACRIDGE restores its farmland, improves soil and plant health, and significantly reduces the use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

PACRIDGE is also a leader in supply chain innovation, with the first PACRIDGE net-zero food processing plant using geothermal and solar power to produce cleaner products and operations. In addition, the company is committed to hiring individuals who are a cultural fit in Sales, Marketing, EDI, and Logistics as they expand their operations with a new local office in NWA.

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