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Pairwise Launches Innovative Gene-Editing Fulcrum™ Platform

Pairwise Launches Innovative Gene-Editing Fulcrum™ Platform

Pairwise, a health-centric food and agriculture company, has unveiled its Fulcrum™ Platform, an innovative gene-editing platform built on proprietary CRISPR technology and other custom tools. The technology enables the rapid and successful implementation of intricate modifications to plant genetics, opening avenues for innovative enterprise-scale applications.

Pairwise plans to apply this groundbreaking approach to its Conscious™ Foods branded products and to its business collaborators’ specialty and commodity crop products.

Ian Miller, Chief Development Officer at Pairwise, describes the process as a “Seismic Tweak.” But, he said, “With the Fulcrum platform, we can make small genetic changes that deliver big product impacts.” He pointed out that the company’s recent launch of gene-edited Conscious™ Greens is evidence of its ability to meet complex societal and industrial challenges at a pace dictated by the current market.

Pairwise is one of the first global companies to commercialize food developed using CRISPR gene editing technology. Earlier this month, it launched its first branded product, Conscious™ Greens, through a partnership with Performance Food Group. In a five-year partnership with Bayer, Pairwise used the Fulcrum platform to identify almost 200 unique gene sequences that can be altered to enhance productivity and disease resistance in various row crops, including a unique target in corn that has increased kernel rows by up to 20%.

“Our partnership with Bayer shows what our Fulcrum Platform is capable of achieving,” added Miller.

Founded five years ago, Pairwise has developed various industry-leading tools, including unique CRISPR intellectual property (IP), allowing it to edit genes more effectively than other market players. Groundbreaking Pairwise technologies that bolster the Fulcrum platform include REDRAW™, or RNA-encoded DNA replacement of alleles with CRISPR, a precise templated editing toolbox capable of making any minor edit at CRISPR-targeted sites. In addition, SHARC™ is another proprietary enzyme that excels at cutting, base editing, and REDRAW editing, forming an essential, game-changing genome editing toolkit.

SHARC, REDRAW, and Pairwise’s other proprietary base-editing tools permit precise changes at virtually any location in a genome. As a result, this approach has immense potential in agriculture and other sectors, such as medicine. Backed by the Fulcrum Platform and the company’s profound technical and agronomic proficiency in over 60 crops, Pairwise is paving the way in genetics-based innovation in plants and plant-based systems.

Image provided by Pairwise

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