Pairwise and RSquared Fresh Solutions team up to introduce CRISPR-edited Conscious Greens to retail, redefining nutritious eating.
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Pairwise Partners with RSquared Fresh Solutions

Pairwise, a food and agriculture company, has partnered with RSquared Fresh Solutions, a prominent retail broker, to introduce the first CRISPR-edited products to American grocery stores. This collaboration represents a significant leap forward for genetic engineering in agriculture and marks a key milestone in making innovative, nutrient-dense foods accessible to health-conscious consumers.

Pairwise, with its commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of individuals by revolutionizing the way they consume fruits and vegetables, has set its sights on delivering a unique culinary experience through its Conscious Greens salad blends. These salads, meticulously crafted using CRISPR gene-editing technology, offer a blend of colorful, flavorful purple and green leaves that promise to redefine how we perceive nutritious eating.

The partnership with RSquared Fresh Solutions, a division of Advantage Solutions, a renowned Fortune 1000 company focused on sales, marketing, and technology, signifies an essential step in bringing these revolutionary greens to retail markets across the Western United States. RSquared Fresh Solutions boasts an expansive network of grocery retailers, positioning it as the fastest-growing produce-oriented retail brokerage in the nation. This strategic alliance holds the potential to cater to a broader audience seeking innovative and wholesome options within the produce section.

Conscious Greens, the brainchild of Pairwise, initially found its way into the food service sector in May, garnering substantial interest and appreciation. Now, with the strategic backing of RSquared Fresh Solutions, Conscious Greens is poised to make a grand entrance into retail outlets, offering consumers access to a new realm of flavorful and nutritious greens.

Neil Merritt, Vice President of Sales at Pairwise, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “The partnership will greatly enhance our retail presence from Denver to the Pacific coast.” This sentiment underscores the dynamic capabilities that this collaboration will unlock, potentially revolutionizing the way we approach produce consumption.

RSquared Fresh Solutions will contribute to the retail rollout of Conscious Greens by providing top-tier in-store coverage and category management support. The broad reach of RSquared Fresh Solutions creates opportunities for future expansion and growth, ensuring that the innovative and groundbreaking products from Pairwise find their way into the hands of eager consumers.

The conscious consumer of today is not only concerned about taste but also about the origins of their food and the methods used in its production. Conscious Greens address these concerns by being transparent about its development process. Additionally, the technical details of how the greens were gene-edited are made accessible in the open-access journal, Plants, further establishing Pairwise’s commitment to transparency and ethical innovation.

These genetically edited greens, hailing from the same family as nutrient-rich vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale, bring a delightful twist to the table. Developed to deliver a fresh and unique flavor experience, Conscious Greens showcase the potential of CRISPR technology in transforming the culinary landscape. These purposefully nutritious and delectably delicious leafy greens offer up to double the nutrition of romaine lettuce, representing a leap forward in the quest for healthier, tastier eating options.

The launch of Conscious Greens into the retail sector is only the beginning of Pairwise’s ambitious journey to reimagine the produce market. With their sights set on developing a complete portfolio of innovative fruits and vegetables for the North American market, including new variations of greens, berries, and cherries, Pairwise is primed to reshape the way we think about the fruits and vegetables we consume.

In an age where health consciousness and sustainability are at the forefront of consumer preferences, Pairwise and RSquared Fresh Solutions’ partnership sets a precedent for the future of agriculture and food innovation. By harnessing the power of CRISPR technology and leveraging strategic collaborations, they have laid the foundation for a revolution in the produce aisle—one that brings together cutting-edge science, culinary excellence, and consumer well-being.

As the excitement continues to build, the retail launch of Conscious Greens beckons, promising a flavorful and nutritious journey that could potentially change the way we view salad greens forever. With innovation at the helm and a commitment to improving global health, Pairwise and RSquared Fresh Solutions are steering the course toward a future where food is both a source of nourishment and a delightful experience.

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