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Pitchbook’s Q4 2022 Agtech Report and Market Map Highlight Growing Interest in Agtech Industry

Pitchbook recently released its Agtech startup market map, which provides a comprehensive overview of the global Agtech venture capital ecosystem. The market map comprises four subsegments focused on precision agriculture: robotics and smart field equipment, drone and imagery analytics, farm management software, and field internet of things. Each subsegment uses advanced technologies to optimize crop production and reduce waste.

As the agricultural industry faced various challenges in 2022, Agtech startups increased investment in the industry to develop solutions that address food supply shortages and reduce the impact of climate change on agriculture. As a result, despite a slight decline in Agtech deal activity in Q4 2022, the interest in Agtech remains high. PitchBook analyst Alex Frederick attributes the ongoing geopolitical and environmental challenges as the primary drivers of interest in the sector.

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Pitchbook’s Q4 2022 AgTech Report highlights the recent deals in the Agtech industry, including a $46.5 million funding round for Verdant Robotics and a $60 million funding round for Capella Space. These deals demonstrate the continued interest and investment in the Agtech sector.

Although the Agtech industry experienced a decline in exit activity in 2022, notable exits still occurred, including the acquisition of Enerfarm, a biomaterial provider, by Equitix for $30.3 million and the acquisition of Vanguard Renewables by BlackRock through an estimated $700 million leveraged buyout. These exits showcase the potential value of Agtech startups in addressing the challenges faced by the agricultural industry. Despite the ongoing challenges, Agtech startups remain committed to developing solutions that optimize crop production and reduce waste to address food supply shortages and the impact of climate change on agriculture.

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