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Pivot Bio Latest News: Showcases Its Latest Breakthrough

Transforming agriculture for a sustainable future with the impact of Pivot Bio's revolutionizing microbial nitrogen

Key Takeaways:

  1. Pivot Bio showcased its leadership in crop nutrition technologies at the 2023 International Annual Meeting of ASA, CSSA, and SSSA.
  2. The company presented 14 abstracts on its innovative product, PROVEN® 40, designed for corn crops.
  3. The research highlighted PROVEN® 40’s efficacy in nitrogen fixation, yield stability, and reducing environmental impacts.
  4. Key insights included innovative nitrogen fixation, on-farm success, yield stability, and environmental impact reduction.
  5. Pivot Bio emphasized its commitment to science-driven, sustainable solutions for modern agriculture.

At the 2023 International Annual Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, Pivot Bio, a leader in sustainable agriculture, presented groundbreaking research on its product, PROVEN® 40. This microbial nitrogen source for corn crops demonstrates significant advancements in enhancing nitrogen fixation, maintaining yield, and reducing environmental impacts.

Research Highlights and Innovations

The research focused on the mechanism behind PROVEN® 40, with studies from the company, Purdue University, and the University of Wisconsin. These studies revealed how synthetic biology improvements in diazotrophic N-fixation inoculants could decrease reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers in corn. Additional insights included:

  • On-Farm Success: Analysis of plant samples from hundreds of fields showed early-season benefits of PROVEN® 40, like increased biomass and chlorophyll content, even with reduced synthetic nitrogen usage.
  • Yield Stability: Data from 58 corn growers indicated that replacing synthetic nitrogen with PROVEN® 40 resulted in comparable yields but with reduced variability, highlighting the product’s consistent performance.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction: Collaborations with Iowa State University and Kansas State University demonstrated that PROVEN® 40 could significantly lower nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions.

Pivot Bio’s Dedication to Sustainable Solutions

Dan Poston, VP of Field Research & Development at Pivot Bio, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering science-driven, farmer-centric solutions. By reducing the environmental footprint of nitrogen applications and enhancing food system resilience, Pivot Bio aims to align sustainability with agricultural productivity.

Bridging Research and Real-World Farming

Pivot Bio hosted over 25 researchers, graduate students, and collaborators at its Product Success Center in St. Louis during the conference. These engagements facilitated in-depth discussions on the latest findings and best practices for using PROVEN® 40, focusing on integrating microbial nitrogen into current agricultural systems. This event underscored the importance of translating scientific research into practical solutions for modern agriculture.

Pivot Bio Latest News

Appoints Balaji Venkataraman as Senior VP (2023/11/02)

Pivot Bio has appointed Balaji Venkataraman as its new Senior VP of Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Venkataraman will oversee manufacturing and supply chain activities and will report to the company’s President and COO, Lisa Safarian. Pivot Bio is a sustainable agriculture company that provides patented crop nutrition technologies to farmers. The company’s products offer a solution to the environmental impact of synthetic nitrogen and ensure consistent and productive growth of food.

Pivot Bio Earns Spot on TIME’s Best Inventions List (2023/10/25)

Pivot Bio, Inc. has earned a spot on TIME’s Best Inventions list for the second time. This recognition is for the company’s innovative product, PROVEN® 40 OS, which equips corn farmers with the ability to plant their seeds with up to a quarter of the crop’s nitrogen needs already pre-loaded. Pivot Bio’s technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions and requires significantly less water than traditional synthetic fertilizers. The prestigious list celebrates innovators and groundbreaking developments, emphasizing sustainability and societal impact.

Pivot Bio Announces Key Executive Appointments Amidst Rapid Growth (2023/09/27)

The company has appointed Debra Frimerman as Chief Business Development Officer, Wendy Watkins as Chief Communications Officer, and Devang Shah as General Counsel. All three will report to Pivot Bio CEO Chris Abbott. The company has achieved significant milestones, such as usage by farmers on over 5 million acres and revenue of $100 million in 2023. Pivot Bio aims to revolutionize nitrogen management in agriculture and disrupt the $190 billion nitrogen market.

Names Chris Abbott as CEO (2023/08/31)

Pivot Bio has appointed Chris Abbott as its new CEO, succeeding former CEO Karsten Temme who is now the Chief Innovation Officer. Abbott’s extensive experience in agriculture, water, sustainability, and technology makes him the ideal candidate to lead Pivot Bio into its next growth phase. The company’s patented crop nutrition technologies provide farmers with reliable and sustainable solutions for growing crops and have gained rapid adoption among U.S. farmers. Pivot Bio has ambitious plans to sustain and further accelerate growth, including establishing new facilities, partnering with universities for research, and driving innovation and progress in modern agriculture.

Pivot Bio’s Microbial Nitrogen (2023/06/22)

The company offers an alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, helping farmers improve productivity and profitability while reducing pollution and combating climate change. Their microbial nitrogen production has an emissions footprint of just 2% of synthetic fertilizer and requires 1,000 times less water, leading to minimal waste. The company’s products have also been validated by independent studies that demonstrate their positive impact on farmers’ yields and profitability. Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability and actively engages in partnerships to drive climate-smart agricultural research. Pivot Bio has already helped farmers replace over 32,000 tons of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, contributing to the company’s revenue of over $60 million.

Pivot Bio Expands N-OVATOR™ Program (2023/04/20)

The company has announced the expansion of its N-OVATOR™ program for on-farm synthetic fertilizer replacement in 2023. This program aims to bring together growers reducing on-farm emissions by using the company’s microbial nitrogen with corporations striving to reach net-zero emissions by reducing their Scope 3 emissions. The 2022 pilot program documented the replacement of synthetic fertilizer with Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40, a new nitrogen source, resulting in the avoidance of more than 80,000 MT of CO2e. The program’s expansion will support growers’ efforts to calculate the sustainability impact of their practice change on millions of acres.

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