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PlantArcBio Awarded EPO Patent for Groundbreaking DIPTM Platform

PlantArcBio Awarded EPO Patent for Groundbreaking DIPTM Platform

Key Takeaways:

  1. Innovative Gene Discovery Platform: PlantArcBio’s DIPTM platform, designed to discover genes improving agricultural crop traits, receives a patent from the European Patent Office.
  2. Addressing Climate Change Challenges: The technology focuses on adapting crops to climate change and pest/weed challenges, enhancing global food security.
  3. Proven Effectiveness: Demonstrated results in increasing drought resistance in crops like corn and soybeans.
  4. Commitment to IP Protection: PlantArcBio’s robust intellectual property portfolio now includes eight patents at various registration stages.

PlantArcBio Ltd, an Israeli ag-biotech firm, has achieved a significant milestone in agricultural technology. The company’s pioneering Direct In Plant (DIPTM) platform has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office (EPO), marking a major advancement in crop trait enhancement and global food security.

The DIPTM Platform

The DIPTM platform is a breakthrough in gene discovery designed to uncover genes that improve agricultural crop traits. This innovation is mainly focused on adapting crops to the challenges of climate change, enhancing their resistance to adverse environmental conditions, pests, and weeds. The platform’s efficacy has been proven, with notable results in increasing drought resistance in crops like corn and soybeans, which are crucial for the global food supply.

Technology’s Impact

The technology developed by PlantArcBio is not just about enhancing crop yields; it’s a significant step forward in addressing critical global challenges. With climate change posing an increasing threat to food security, technologies like DIPTM are essential for developing resilient agricultural systems. The ability to rapidly scan millions of genes and discover novel ones that were previously unknown offers an unprecedented advantage in crop improvement.

CEO’s Vision

Dr. Dror Shalitin, CEO of PlantArcBio, emphasized the patent’s importance as a testament to the team’s innovation and creativity. He expressed confidence that this technology would continue to play a crucial role in addressing global food security and achieving sustainability goals. This development also reflects the company’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property, with a portfolio now comprising eight patents in various stages of global registration.

Industry Implications

The grant of this patent reinforces PlantArcBio’s position as a leader in ag-tech innovation and stimulates further advancements within the industry. It underscores the importance of continual innovation in agricultural technology, especially in an era where environmental challenges and food security concerns are more pressing than ever.

Photo by Jack Bain on Unsplash 

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