ProducePay & Four Star Fruit Announce Direct-to-Retail Supply Chain Program
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ProducePay & Four Star Fruit Announce Direct-to-Retail Supply Chain Program

ProducePay, the marketplace transforming the global produce industry into a more connected and sustainable supply chain, and Four Star Fruit, one of the largest growers and shippers of table grapes, have launched the fresh produce industry’s first-of-its-kind direct-to-retail supply chain program. This initiative is aimed at addressing one of the industry’s key challenges – meeting year-round demand for high-quality fresh produce while keeping consumer prices stable.

The program will utilize the ProducePay platform and Four Star Fruit’s extensive expertise in table grapes to create a model that directly connects table grape growers and retailers. Investments will also be made in sustainable growing practices, traceability, and product quality, promising an array of positive impacts across the fresh produce supply chain.

This new model not only ensures quality, supply, and pricing assurance for retailers, but it also provides growers with greater financial sustainability and significantly reduces economic and food waste by eliminating many unnecessary intermediaries present in the current fresh produce supply chain.

“Meeting retailer demand for year-round high-quality table grapes consistently in an increasingly unpredictable world requires reimagining how we grow and source,” said Jack Campbell, Chief Executive Office for Four Star Fruit. He expressed excitement about this partnership with ProducePay, stating that it ushers in a new era that will better serve retailers by creating a more stable and sustainable supply chain.

In collaboration with ProducePay, Four Star Fruit will extend its operations by leveraging ProducePay’s network of trusted Mexican and South American growers. This will expand its production capacity into the late fall and winter.

“By directly connecting retailers with growers, this transformational initiative is creating the stability required throughout the supply chain to reduce economic and food waste, while improving the overall quality experience for consumers,” said Patrick McCullough, ProducePay CEO. He also expressed the eagerness to expand this program to other regions and commodities for an even greater impact.

Furthermore, the two companies will co-invest in Latin American growing communities to support the adoption of sustainable farming practices, innovative grape breeds, and the development of educational programs in underserved rural areas across the region.

Fast Company recently named ProducePay one of the most innovative companies in the world. In 2022, ProducePay launched a first-of-its-kind Carbon Offset Program in partnership with ALLCOT for produce growers.

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